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Richie Turner is a 45-year-old white male and was Kevin Gilmore’s best friend. The interview was conducted at the Yoknapatawpha County Sheriff's Department and was recorded with the witness's knowledge and consent.


  • Richie Turner
  • Detective Ted Armstrong

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  • Wait one minute. First he says he knows abouot the room the next he is like 'room? what room?'

    I dunno if he was still hiding another fact but I would say he still knows something or didn't know what room the police officers were talking about

  • I don't see where he mentioned hidden room.
    Can you please copy?

  • [QUOTE=Predrag:230]I don't see where he mentioned hidden room.
    Can you please copy?[/QUOTE]
    Richie Turner: Man, if I only locked him up that night so he wouldn't go out.

    Detective Armstrong: Interesting choice of words. Did you lock Kevin in that room, Richie?

    Richie Turner: What room? What are you talking about?

  • Hmm... He asked "What room?" He surely heard aboat the hidden room.I don't think that he is lying.If they had asked me the same question I would answer them the same as he did, because they didn't ask him before aboat hidden room

  • I think Richie and Jason got a call from Robard telling them to come get Kevin though when Richie and Jason got thier Kevin eitehr got out already or was taking to teh resturant were they rested for a while till kevin relized his medical band was missing going back for it kevin got out of the car fell down teh embankment Richie and Jason were in eth car waiting though after acouple hours they left not relaizing that Kevein never made it back to teh room to get his bracelt

  • A majority of the people last seen Kevin on the evening of the 10th which is Thursday though Mr. Epperson was the only one who seen Kevin on the 11th which is Friday in a car
    Though all day Friday Kevin was not at any of his school actives

    So it’s like Kevin got snookered trying to steal some weed from the farm was taken to the beating office found a way out or was let out Robards shows up on Sunday morning to let him out sees the door lock busted open and goes look for him finding him in the grass on the side of the road

  • So if Kevin was a caught trying to steel pot got his but wopped then kicked out and had to walk though did not make it very far

  • i am certain though he was retrieved from the room probale locked caaried or helped to teh car taken home though Kevin walked back to the room to get his medical braclet of course soemo one would have seen him early friday the 11th

  • So Thursday night after work Kevin goes to steal some weed from the pot farm, Richie Turner and Jason accompany him waiting in the car Kevin goes in and gets caught after a while of waiting couple hours Richie and Jason go in hear scratching on and moaning they open the door carry Jason to car go to the Juke joint, thinking he can get ice and help with wounds remembers the medical tag they drive over and park on the road Kevin gets out to go get the tag falls down the embankment at night no one seen him fall Richie and Jason look for him figures he snuck in and they wait a couple more hours thinking he got caught again. Though in actuality Kevin feel down when he got out the car and that was as far as he went so the Richie and Jason left before they got in trouble thinking Kevin would find his own way home

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