Wednesday, July 26, 2012 - 10:32 a.m.

Shannon Bower's ongoing feud with Ambrose Garrett was well-known to everyone in the Whitehall neighborhood. Detectives Armstrong and Murphy interviewed her in her office at the hospice where she works as a physical therapist. The interview was recorded with the witness' knowledge and consent.


  • Detective T. Armstrong
  • Detective S. Murphy
  • Shannon Bower

Detective Armstrong: Good morning, Ms. Bower. Thanks for seeing us this morning.

Shannon Bower: You're welcome, Detective. Thank you for coming to me this morning. I'm pretty booked today.

Detective Murphy: Before we begin, will you please state your name and address for the record?

Shannon Bower: Of course. I'm Shannon Bower. I live at 12 Bonnie Blue Drive.

Detective Murphy: You are a neighbor of the Garretts?

Shannon Bower: Sort of. We live in the same neighborhood, but on opposite sides of CR 102. But the way Ambrose carried on, you'd think I camped on his front lawn.

Detective Armstrong: I take it you and Mr. Garrett didn't get along too well.

Shannon Bower: It was certainly no secret, Detective. I'd say it was more like I hated his guts and he reciprocated.

Detective Murphy: Thank you for being honest, Ms. Bower.

Shannon Bower: Look, that man had it in for me for some reason. I couldn't step out my front door without him getting his shorts in a twist, always raving and ranting that I'd broken some rule. Then trying to get the association to pass some idiotic new rule just to get back at me .I don't know how he knew every move I made or every time I had a guest, but it got damned tiresome.

Detective Armstrong: So you two disagreed about the rules, and‒

Shannon Bower: And the letters! He'd leave letters in my mailbox saying I owed such and such in fines for breaking some ridiculous rule. Then when I didn't pay it, he'd threaten me with a bigger fine. It was never-ending. He even called the cops a couple of times when he decided we were too noisy. He was the one always stirring up trouble, and he had the gall to call me a troublemaker?

Detective Murphy: Did you hate him enough to want to see him dead?

Shannon Bower: Hey, wait a minute. I thought he died of a stroke or heart attack or something. I didn't want him dead ‒ just out of my hair. I know I have a mouth, but I'd never resort to murder or whatever you're insinuating. Do I need a lawyer here?

Detective Murphy: If we should find out his death wasn't from natural causes, who would you suggest we look at?

Shannon Bower: Well, don't look my way. I'll admit I couldn't stand the S.O.B. He was an overbearing, arrogant megalomaniac. There must be plenty of others whose toes he stepped on. I never could understand how that sweet Delilah stood him, but to each his own, I guess. But I'm not the only one who didn't like his tactics.

Detective Murphy: Who besides you didn't like his tactics?

Shannon Bower: Why don't you talk to Warren Edwards? Warren was always going around with a clipboard, making a record of who broke what rules. I'm sure he'd know if Ambrose was targeting anyone else. Come to think of it, I heard that Warren and Ambrose went at it recently. Seems Warren caught Ambrose breaking his own rules. Ironic, huh? But this is just penny-ante neighborhood bickering. I can't imagine anyone physically harming someone else over silly stuffem>: W7he S.O.B. He was et rec-GB to e: Good rrett > sy. He was the one always stirre class="clearbreak">

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