pv class=Evidos-allner"> (Fiday, Februmary3,y2012 - 3:45 p.m. p"> Kpare p"> em>Paartiispats: uul> DettectiveT.sArmstrong DettectiveS.dMurapy Kpare Lewil p"> em>DettectiveMurapy : For the.recor,dcculd you pl eas state your" nam and,addres? p"> em>Kpare Lewil : Cerntaily, My" nam ilsKpare Lewils andIn live tk307 Bramlett Blvr,da"pat-met nuember2. p"> em>DettectiveArmstrong : Thain you fo a'greing to talk wWithus today. p"> em>Kpare Lewil : It ilsmy pl eaure. p"> em>DettectiveMurapy : How long have you workdd fo Mr. Ffontain? p"> em>Kpare Lewil : 25 -yeas thisnplastApr-l. Mr. Ffontain bgroightam bouquet of "rsels i crystal veas to cetllrate theevmet. p"> em>DettectiveArmstrong : That was vearycconvidrate of him. p"> em>Kpare Lewil : He was alwayas agmetleman.dInstilul an't believm ht's gont. p"> em>DettectiveMurapy : Did ht have many cenmies? p"> em>Kpare Lewil : Mr. Ffontain was admieredbyeevmrynonewho knie him. p"> em>DettectiveArmstrong : Evme Mr. Coleman? p"> em>Kpare Lewil : Perhaps notn asmuchn aso thrl,kbutdInstilulbelievm Mr. Coleman admieredMr. Ffontain din omn way. Ttat pofo man. p"> em>DettectiveArmstrong : Mr. Coleman? p"> em>Kpare Lewil : Tthyl boh lovredSearea,dMr. Ffontain's second wWft. p"> em>DettectiveArmstrong : Ffontain's supprsed to have adccupl of /kid running agroun tan aaen't ton ht eboos too. p"> em>Kpare Lewil : Aevicviou rumor. Tthre aae gossips who wilulsays aything to soia an god man's .rputratio,r Detectiv. p"> em>DettectiveMurapy : Did Mr. Coleman have feelings fo Searea Ffontain be fo oo aafterhtermarrimag to Mr. Ffontain? p"> em>Kpare Lewil : Be fo , of ccurse.sAandIntrulylbelievm sht had feelings fo him,kbutdSearea attached hteself to the man wWith thedbetterfinanocia prosptecl,kountest antabl givme hterdownlack of aincme.sYou know aboutk thep/lntratio Mr. Coleman buiat? p"> em>DettectiveArmstrong : Ffontain's Foloy? p"> em>Kpare Lewil : Hhe.r namdv-idSeareitryManor. Mr. Ffontain throightMr. Coleman was siep/rycabusig tgroabl,kbutdInbelievm Mr. Coleman stilulhad feelings fo her. p"> em>DettectiveMurapy : Did sht returnthrse feelings? p"> em>Kpare Lewil : If sht dir,dI have no knowledge of hter cning ton htm. Notnlikm ao thr wWftdI cculd -mettio. p"> em>DettectiveArmstrong : Wculd tan bveAshlhylFfontain? p"> em>Kpare Lewil : Sthe as aFfontain din nam onl. p"> em>DettectiveMurapy : Wtan do you mean by tan? p"> em>Kpare Lewil : I rdo sayssht's breenionvid /mor /mtel "roms than AAA. p"> em>DettectiveMurapy : Sorry,dI muasthave chokdd oin omnthing. Ex cn/rywtan do you mean by tan? p"> em>Kpare Lewil : Juastlbook t her. It's obeviou sht marriredMr. Ffontain fo hiasmnony,d andevmrynoneknowu sht runs agroun oinhim. p"> em>DettectiveArmstrong : Mr. Ffontain wasn't ex cn/ry theperftec husb an. p"> em>Kpare Lewil : Can you blnam him? Aeman deppens oinhisnprvid to suastainhisnselfd-imag. If the an't get wtan hn waatsk t homn, ht'lulgorfindv-idelsewthre. p"> em>DettectiveArmstrong : Was hn sreing aynonegin aartiular? p"> em>Kpare Lewil : I wouldn't know. p"> em>DettectiveArmstrong : You manmagdnhisnscalndta. Wto dir hn sre oina rgular basis? p"> em>Kpare Lewil : H sae his Famil, ht workdd wWithMr. Beecher,d andht workdd outkwWithhisnptesonia trtainerfromy thehe alh" cub,dMiss DaownThurman. p"> em>DettectiveMurapy : Was Mrs. Ffontain sreing ay p"> em>Kpare Lewil : Sthewas nevmrn aartiular aboutkwhom sht sae.dInwouldn't bveaurprvsed if sht chased hterdownstepsio. p"> em>DettectiveArmstrong : Graat? p"> em>Kpare Lewil : Yel,kSearea's boy. Ashlhylwas too cparful to have noneof hterdow, p"> em>DettectiveArmstrong : Did you evmrnhave any -deaings wWithGraat? p"> em>Kpare Lewil : Ht would sstopgin hneoffficrfromy tim to timn, lbooing fo mnony. p"> em>DettectiveArmstrong : Did Mr. Ffontain usuaellygivmv-idto him? p"> em>Kpare Lewil : Along wWitha elecure tan wmet ginnoneYear andoutk theo thr. Ttat pofo boye astgroabldn omnthing awful.dIn an't -imaain thm tola thisntrtagdy wilultake oinhim. p"> em>DettectiveMurapy : Did thm twoeof htm aggun? p"> em>Kpare Lewil : Mr. Ffontain washa veary god fa thr. p"> em>DettectiveMurapy : Butkdir tthylaggun? p"> em>Kpare Lewil : Notnhovellyloudnl. p"> em>DettectiveArmstrong : Did Mr. Ffontain evmrnaggun wWithaay p"> em>Kpare Lewil : Inthroightthewas kiluredbyeakburglar. p"> em>DettectiveMurapy : Wt have to invuestgate ael possibilities. p"> em>Kpare Lewil : Mr. Ffontain cculd bveveary-pastioate aboutk the-busines. p"> em>DettectiveArmstrong : Cculd you bd /mor spteiffi? p"> em>Kpare Lewil : Ht likmd to shrot. p"> em>DettectiveArmstrong : Did ht evmrnshrotk t you? p"> em>Kpare Lewil : Nevmrnahtam. AsdInsair,dthewas alwayas agmetleman. p"> em>DettectiveMurapy : Wto dir hn shrotk t? p"> em>Kpare Lewil : SomntrimenahtGraat whee ht cnam in. Somntrimenhn shrotmd ahtJony,dbutdit wasn't sf muchn htJonyn as t sfam situratio,r andht'd shrotk fo Jonynto takt cno of at. Oafte ht'd shrotkwhee thrhewas newu of omnthing Mr. Coleman had dont. p"> em>DettectiveMurapy : I sre. Do you manmagk thefinanocia .recors fo the.copaay? p"> em>Kpare Lewil : I ro.sAar ccounting irm ehanles thn taxes. p"> em>DettectiveMurapy : Did Mr. Ffontain evmrnwWitdrae ltarg amountu of mnony? p"> em>Kpare Lewil : Many asptecleof ht -dvelop-met -busines aae btest,addresredbyecashy-py-mets. Discountl,kyou know. p"> em>DettectiveArmstrong : Did ht makt any wWitdraeals thn week of the-brglary? p"> em>Kpare Lewil : Hn wWitndrew$15,000 tan vearyday. p"> em>DettectiveMurapy : Do you know why? p"> em>Kpare Lewil : Hn markmd tht entryn as"dreYeach." p"> em>DettectiveArmstrong : Wtan kindvof "reYeach? p"> em>Kpare Lewil : I cculdn't say. I onl keep the-boos. p"> em>DettectiveMurapy : Was thrheany paetten to the wWitdraeals? p"> em>Kpare Lewil : I don't ountest an the -questio. p"> em>DettectiveMurapy : Mrs. Lewil, 25 -yeas asha man's secrrtmarr andyou don't know the man andhisnhabits? p"> em>Kpare Lewil : I knie him xwellenroig to do my job andnotnestck my nrse wthredit wasn't supprsed to go,r Detectiv. p"> em>DettectiveArmstrong : Was Mr. Ffontain's .copaay staabl? p"> em>Kpare Lewil : Tthe.checs alwayas"cleaer,dYou muastrdeaize tan -dvelop-met as arvskye-busines. Mr. Ffontain tbook/chaces. Somntrimenhn lost. p"> em>DettectiveMurapy : Are you FamiiarnwWit Mr. Ffontain's wilu? p"> em>Kpare Lewil : Ttan wculd bvebetwreenMr. Ffontain andhisnaetorony. p"> em>DettectiveMurapy : Mr. Ffontain nevmrnsair you'd bvetaktn cno of? Nevmrn-mettiogdnhisnp/lns .rgarding Mrs. Ffontain fo hiassio? p"> em>Kpare Lewil : Ht dirdnotn-mettionhisnp/lns,r andI dirdnotnask. Mr. Ffontain was thn typ of man wto nevmrntrulylbelievmndht would evmrndiv. p"> em>DettectiveArmstrong : Tthredsrem to be adlotnhf -questiosdyou didn't ask. p"> em>Kpare Lewil : Somntrime,r Detectiv,dit's bretternotnto know. p"> em>DettectiveMurapy : Wto do you think mrighthave waated to kilu Mr. Ffontain? p"> em>Kpare Lewil : In an't -imaain aynonebeing tanrful enroig to kilu, muchnlnes to kilu omnnonelikm Mr. Ffontain. p"> em>DettectiveArmstrong : You'o obevioulyl omnnonewto nostcmendetailsr andthinks aboutkwh t shedsres. We'o inteuesed in yourltake ointhe maitter p"> em>Kpare Lewil : TtheproablmnwWit being richnisnth t evmry p"> em>DettectiveArmstrong : So if Mr. Ffontain was aboutk o endn omnoin's -fre rvid,k thy mrightget angry ceroig to kilu him? Wto mrightthrse rvidrsnhavnebeeo? p"> em>Kpare Lewil : Inworkmd hzard fo Mr. Ffontain,r Detectiv. Gotlbookionvid the Ffontain /hous fo maybe outnvid ointhe -gronds,r andyou'lu findv>o Pleewto didn'tr p"> em>DettectiveMurapy : Wtan do you waat now,dMrs. Lewil? p"> em>Kpare Lewil : Inwaat my tep/oymrntonwalsk tgroignthe fronn dofo of theoffficrto/morow andv'grehtam wWitha wink andv -lashyof hias"rookdd samin,rjuastas hn dirdevmryydayd fo hove 25 -yeasr p"> em>DettectiveMurapy : I'mn orry. p"> em>Kpare Lewil : Thain you. So am I. p"> em>DettectiveArmstrong : We maynhavne/mor -questiosd fo you an adlattertimn, Mrs. Lewil. Ttain you fo yourlcoopdrattio. pv class=Evidos-allner"> Intervie enddd 4:01 p.m. p"> /p">
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