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    r7462/a>7462/cogt">cn-hn-ic r('jsn_corh3 class="jsn-m/2632-c-roberttlass="jsn-?dia =ittpon> ='color','Pr-st a-mainm < CanurcRobertt naHere range');,'wsa2','status=no,r"> 7462/pr-st-icemairc="/mr> r('jsn_corittpon> 7462/envelope-ic,'grey'r"grey'r"> 3us-w/a277}'s>knowledge allmc/me"fi.Pa-maii hts:er"piercases-147 Mur14y iem>: I>know thischas bnt}.souleting s=" a shockss=" you, Mrs.cRobertt,.so we'lr try to keep thiscshori.CanurcRobertt iem>: I>don't ua_p laallmwhat'schan-using. I>kept my grallson out of sch">< today bncause I>don't w ht him to hear about any of thiscuntir I>know what'scgoing on.cases-147 Parkte iem>: Youe(husballmhas c" fcssed to killing M claa D3 c.CanurcRobertt iem>: That'scwhat hiscGawyte(tt .ame, but I>don't ua_p laall. W4y would ht>do that?cases-147 Parkte iem>: Ws-were hoping you c"uld t > CanurcRobertt iem>: I>don't have alrceceacwhy ht'lmc" fcss.cases-147 Mur14y iem>: Do you etink ht>killed Ms.cD3 c?CanurcRobertt iem>: I>don't know. W4y would ht>say ht did if ht didn't?cases-147 Mur14y iem>: I c"uldn't say. Could you g147 us yourrs"/> allmaddspanss=" 3us-{widmo plrial?CanurcRobertt iem>: I'm CanurcRobertt. 2131 Anch"r> cRoad.cases-147 Parkte iem>: Where was yourrhusballmThanksg14ing weekend?CanurcRobertt iem>: Ht>said ht>was going on a hunting trip. Ht>was going to go out w/a> 3us-guy Arirls doet ns ht>julatsleeps }inplaat as not to waks-2e. I>gupansh7 usua Prlrili>don't know bncause I>don't ellmowaks-up.cases-147 Parkte iem>: Ht>was w/a> you during tht>day Saturday?CanurcRobertt iem>: Yup, allma> Ice Age iem>.gupansI/w"firssoax}.sc 10:30.cases-147 Parkte iem>: What did you do during tht>day?CanurcRobertt iem>: Ws-were air3us-shop, julatwatching tht>shop. Ws-Attr air6:00, that'scwht}.Stu c"mi>cases-147 Mur14y iem>: Asc during thns tle", did yourrhusballmm"fipas-Ms.cD3 c aira> ?CanurcRobertt iem>: Nellm.cases-147 Mur14y iem>: Hansh7 ellmom"fipasmd wanting to kill hte?CanurcRobertt iem>: H7 used to, but I>don't let him now, I>etink tht>past'sctht>past, allmwe've all got to get allmoit and get an. W4,178ws-were air3us-shop, ht>was saying what a>dam}.sh"/> iatwas to s > <3us-stde-. I>know us-blami>said, I>don't w ht to hear about it any 2ore. I>gupanss=" 3us-past year =" so hemhasn't talked to /> about it bncause I>wouldn't let him.cases-147 Mur14y iem>: What about bes="span>n? What ksa_ of things would ht>say?CanurcRobertt iem>: H7'lmtalk about wanting to suspan> papte(aa_ susphte(naHelsn_cua Yanke> ass. That'schow us-sclogt. Ht>talked about wanting to g147 hte(a pieca of hns msa_, yes, allmwanting to show us" sht didn't have alreting as-him. Ht>talked about scaring us". Ht>used to csll hterssoand t > said sht wasn't doing alrkgroany good.cases-147 Mur14y iem>: Asc you stdn-ud him from>talking about it?CanurcRobertt iem>: YWi. I didn't etink ht>was wrong,.what ht>was saying, but I>julatdidn't etink iatwas goodr3o bn going on about souleting nLogus-past like that. I tt .ahim ht>should c" th erate on 3us-stde-, allmmaybn if ht sclosll that e> cases-147 Parkte iem>: Has Mr.cRobertt ellmobnt}.vref=nt w/a> you " any way?CanurcRobertt iem>: No. Soulen Wi ht>shoutt at 2e, but no hitting, not siglecus-stdn-ud drinking, siglec2009 gi so.cases-147 Parkte iem>: Ht>used to hit you?CanurcRobertt iem>: Yeah. Noeting ba_, !impo" th " a.wh,17. Ht>would bn drunk allmI>would bn getting as-his nerees, allmht>w"uld t > cases-147 Parkte iem>: What about Aid62? O" youi son Paul? Did ht>ellmohit e/a>terof 3usmCanurcRobertt iem>: Oh, no. Ht>nellmotouched e/a>terona of 3usm. I mean, as far as hitting goWi. Ht's bnt}.a-{wal goodrdad and grallpa. Aid62/is }iing {wal goodrat sch"><, seradiv Ai. Ht>wants to bn a>doy:or.cases-147 Mur14y iem>: Who usua Prw=nt w/a> yourrhusballmon 3usse hunting trips?CanurcRobertt iem>: Usua Prit'schim allmKenzie Walkee, Bi PrTid" > terguy ,.soulen Wi Jamie Miller =" Guy Fralkton.cases-147 Mur14y iem>: Asc have you snt}.any of thsse mt}.siglecthat weekend?CanurcRobertt iem>: No. They'"sppretty 2uch Mel'scfriendi. I don't {wal Prs-user2uch en W w/a> 3usm,pagehough EmmarTid" > .cases-147 Parkte iem>: When-mod yourrhusballmc"mi om:0mon CanurcRobertt iem>: Pretty 2uch 3us-normal en W ibute(a>day of hunting,oax}.sc 5:00 =" 6:00.cases-147 Parkte iem>: Did ht>say alreting s-ug sr?CanurcRobertt iem>: No, ht>said Bi Prgot a didn't sntm to w ht to talk 2uch, julathad d5.pngoand w=nt seradiv to bnd. Ht's always tlred ibute(being ssosiglec2:00, 3:00 a.m.cases-147 Parkte iem>: Asc siglecthen, has ht>said =" dkgroanyeting aut of 3us-ord5.ary?CanurcRobertt iem>: No. W > , I>meancwht}.hs-{wad about >terbeing killed nLogus-paptes, ht>was surs-{walchan-y. Ht>said sht f5.a Prgot what sht dssereed. Ht 2ulathave mt}ipasmd it ellmy sigglt>day, airlriat. Ht>talked about iatw/a> cula"mirs and ellmyeting, saying that ald crow f5.a Prgot what was c"ming to her.cOa>terthaLoguat, ellmyeting was julatas usua . I>gupansmaybn ht>was 2ore quiet etaLousua .cases-147 Parkte iem>: Ht>didn't m"fipas-lriling town?CanurcRobertt iem>: No. Ogupan,>was last ndiv wht}.hs-said goodrndiv to Aid62. Ht>was going uplaat go to bnd, allmMel>was sitting watching TV. Usua Prht>julatsays "goodrndiv ," but last ndiv ht>w=nt seradiv allmoto Aid62 and gave him a big uug. Aid62 didn't like i too 2uch. You>know, ht'scthairage, but he huggud him om:0mand the2/w"firas-uplaat l. I didn't etink 2uch of it at ete tle", but now, " > , I>ksa_ of snt ete significagle.cases-147 Mur14y iem>: Thns was last ndiv ?CanurcRobertt iem>: I'm sorry. No, iatwas tte ndiv bes="s. I'm julatso-uplet about thns whef=paning.cases-147 iem>: Mrs.cRobertt,.do you etink yourrhusballmkilled M claa D3 c?CanurcRobertt iem>: I'd like to bn abf=pao>say no, but you know what? I>wouldn't sclogt-past him. It'sctht>ksa_ of ma}.hs-ii. Ht>belieli>julatwish I'd f}.sc out soasmr. I>c"uld have tried to maks-him get away, but I>know us-wouldn't have. Ht>belieli>gupansI'd have to>say I'm not sur1rised aira> .cases-147 Mur14y iem>: All obile, Mrs.cRobertt. I ttink that'scenough s=" now. Thank you s=" c"ming in.CanurcRobertt iem>: You'"sp" >c"mi.
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