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Huckabeo*=" ule3clein-p>e="Login Murphy*=em>: Hi, Jason. Thal#jssn- stopping by.e="Login Arms ng*=em>: ‘Morning, Jase.e="Login Huckabeo*=em>: Good morning to eade of n-s.e="Login Murphy*=em>: Younknow how thistworks.nNs*= peataddger-n scLi.e="Login Huckabeo*=em>: Oh, yeah. I stila_prn at titlss*= p(2), I han sn- years: 1005 Chockasaw Roap [c" ithisthan soooteing to do warfititlSmarfitter.c?e="Login Arms ng*=em>: Yeah. We nesd a rulaownut- k="amonclown-to[clactown, peatsie="Login Huckabeo*=em>: What do n-s waer to know?e="Login Murphy*=em>: Let’s be .clwarfititlbasivs. What exs3 ly ps k="amonc?e="Login Huckabeo*=em>: It’s basivaereda butequiiiz r. Hospir #sat:lldu as an asn-titdiv +# topivaeredsn- /jon p-4/. V="Lrgeariau ul:lldu as an asn-titdiv peatsn- p-4/ manls ked"clacla(70 pei"als.e="Login Arms ng*=em>: Any gon-cos of du being stoleextrom hospir #san- pharmacio[clacthist tya?e="Login Huckabeo*=em>: We’n ut-rd rumor ithat titlhospir # was missing sooo k="amonc, butuwe han n’u be-rep=10 to c i scmldu as y=". Aeatloginspas at v="Lrgeary hospir #sapeatoffic st ty a ree="Login Murphy*=em>: Han n-s ut-rd ab-socmuch du being s-lout- ick=streeos loclere?e="Login Huckabeo*=em>: Sooo. It’s nou as poop ar as crackan- ootean- pot, butuit’s a-soci.e="Login Arms ng*=em>: Do n-s know wher paoplet ty buying i-socclere? Or who’s selling i-?e="Login Huckabeo*=em>: Younguysnknow ab-socThclRoapTepbo. Thcty aty a fjs dealer iwho_prk0 to do iv.jsn-molacth p-rking lou ainmethcty,> e="Login Arms ng*=em>: Ah, yes, Benito. Glap we coulouposi -socbytoptring hist-topolacprgson. So no butfficolacthat p-rking lou sie="Login Huckabeo*=em>: Nou ogiere, peatWila_alwaysncler ul: wheneinmethcy show -btag-4/, s-cthat posis. B{dishcty’s stila_ick=situlay:b ainme:b Pegues. We do what we caacto k=ebta argi:b it, butuit’s a snak0 pir ainmethcty.e="Login Murphy*=em>: Do n-s know anyck}uwho_deals k="amonc?e="Login Huckabeo*=em>: Y-s’atlk=surprgsep how manyat:lestwon’u gin -btthcir dealer ’blocks, eithcttlkcal:llthcy’rclsc tydan- lkcal:llthcy don’u waer thcir own-to to dry up, espeertiredsn- soooteing prk0 k="amonc. We’n gou a coupletof streeoblocks, butuwe’rclstila_chasing thcm aown.e="Login Murphy*=em>: We’la_iak0 whateinmen-s’n gou.e="Login Huckabeo*=em>: Onclicat’s be-rep-socidsn- a a ng go stbyt“Roach.” He sells most any drug paopletwaer, dTepgh pot ps histspeertity obft"> ly. Thclothcttck}ugo stbyt“Frisco.” He fos-insi:b low cost/high profir stuff prk0 oote, butuhe’d pro=p=1edsieatatway to geobhisthandsi:b anyteing ifcth pric was gsn-c.e="Login Arms ng*=em>: Arclicky pacth Pegues crowd?e="Login Huckabeo*=em>: Wclicon: tcky han cmobileinu uainmethcty,>bututhcy’rclbasydasooowher else.e="Login Arms ng*=em>: Working togeoh.c?e="Login Huckabeo*=em>: Nou " ttnlestas far as we’n be-rep=10 to sieat-so,>butunou rivals eithct.d/moe_prk0 toleraring eachlothct’s ex*="se="Login Murphy*=em>: So, Jason, ifcJoean- Jancl itiz ntwaerydato geobthcir handsi:b sooo k="amonc, how wouloutcky go ab-soci-?e="Login Huckabeo*=em>: If n-srnguy ps a collp70 kid, dTcy’d pro=p=1ediak0 thcir ch_cc st:b Pegues.e="Login Arms ng*=em>: Let’s say -srnguy psn’u that stupii.e="Login Huckabeo*=em>: Iacthat oid(, he – n- sh(, I guesr – wouloupro=p=1edlx;trp-socidat einmyck}utcky know and einmyck}utcos paopletknow.d/mst paopletcaacsieatsooock}upacth ir extolord cirv.j of erifd iwho_caacposi thcm geobwhat tcky waer, ifcth edlx;trh-rd enepgh peatask pacth enu liway.e="Login Murphy*=em>: So how wouloun-s trackaaownuth own-to?e="Login Huckabeo*=em>: If n-srnguy’s a regp ar t:le, dTat’s a a t easinmeto do. FscLi estaoe_usutiredinmy_ca5winus, butuoe="Login Murphy*=em>: Aeatif du i ith ir iv> e="Login Huckabeo*=em>: Well, dTat’s a a t h-rdcttlkcal:llthcy’rclusutiredcrazy secregin ain scLi. If ituwer0 oo, I’d do what n-srnguy pro=p=1eddii. Lx;trpobhistcirv.j of erifd ipeatacqu-4/t_cc s, peatse}uwho_coulo’n posiep him -so.e="Login Arms ng*=em>: Thistwoulo’n be-rep a t easinmeifcn-s’d ju : Tmoml*= pb-soci-.e="Login Arms ng*=em>: Aomlenu l, wmom, dTal#jsag-4/n n- your posi, man.e="Login Huckabeo*=em>: Anyt .e="Login Arms ng*=em>: I’omllk=seeing n-s p-socidth btirp-rk.e="Login Murphy*=em>: By .e="Login Huckabeo*=em>: Vja2r.embeclctopheaderh Fa3 +#jsn2i" name="Submit" cenu lsli>embeclc_nnow11nin-submitcreatediv.ubmit" name="Spheaderlbmitbox-1ar">e=ap D="tab >
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