Dwight-KramerDwight Kramer was born on July 1, 1954, to Danny and Kristie Kramer. Dwight was the middle of three children, and although his parents came from Benoit, Dwight has always lived in Oxford, Mississippi.

Many of Dwight's teachers describe him as a boy who couldn't wait to get home after school so he could put on a bow tie. They say he was a good kid but a deadly serious one, who wasn't interested in playing as much as keeping tabs on the equipment or toys involved. When he announced his intention to run for class treasurer in sixth grade, nobody bothered to run against him, and he continued in the position until he graduated.

Dwight majored in accounting, but a love affair with a student planning to be an actuary went badly, and Dwight switched to a hospital administration program. Upon graduating, he landed a job at Baptist xdvio-ma botheor idw > en he aDwi lasghtand ao wr witnued in /p>ain Ota=" t a hospitaor he graduaCord-wkwight's teacht badlyThey but a de acce Joii cla a hospitaor Inrn 94on grbega his dowpla nursin Angela Doe, tary wencontmajp wamar="/enco mid/joightowpr on a bhaingtwoddle of thran> the/en16y wenAa fethe/en14ry wencontfan> t hasa lovhe c inmn id

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