Nursing home manager charged

Nursing home manager charged with neglectRichard Landrigan was arrested on multiple charges at Yoknapatawpha Acres.

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  • I like the sound of this statement:- "Detectives are pursuing several leads and are optimistic that they will arrest the culprit or culprits very soon." I still think that Landrigan is the man. I also hope we find out what it was that Jerry was holding over Landrigans head. The money that Landrigan was wanting back, wasn't his money but money that belonged to the Home.

  • cfp- I think you're right about the money. I really want the back story!

  • I love how LaDonna says "I never thought Mr. Landrigan would be arrested.", as if she knew about all this and didn't even try to report it, pr did and nothing was done, thinking the man would get away with all of that. And why are they all surprised. That shows how deep and bad this neglect truly was...

    -Det JM.

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