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Taser does not stop Police Lieutenant's Video

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Lt. Ron Potts was tasered twice by Austin Police Trainers. Both times, the taser did not stop his attack. This illustrates that though tasers are very useful tools as Lt. Potts will attest to, they do not work on everyone. Thus, deadly force should be available in the event it is needed. Lt Potts was over the first Austin Police Officers on Patrol that were issued Tasers. He wanted to be tased to see what persons his Officers tased would go through. He was tased twice with actual taser weapons that were used on the streets. He was tased at full force with the prods making contact as the video will show. Lt. Potts was over 5 Patrol shifts of 50 plus Officers. All had tasers as he did. Though theTaser did not stop him, he is a big believer in the Taser, seeing their use on the streets in hundreds of cases, with drive stuns and dart deployments.

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