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gra>uarcd from hht:nachls-,sh_ want" sto go to lorcts/ but ttrr_ wasn't enout: montynso h_ got a job as a busser at Taylor Grocviy & Resrtura">. Hrsput eve0yspt"ny trsnouldnan rRein a savings acnount ttat trsay:n einto use ont daydto paydforsnorcts/.

to Midphis,dTt"nt sea{forsiheoweekd into lelebrarc itri" 20thlainnv"rsary. Tragically, ttry wrr_ muer:0=" duiing ttat irlp, aid ttr nsfo rennmns unsolveinto {tis day.

bece,. Jerry's guardiailtid used his sharrsof itri" pant as' lget=einsura"" poli y tid sizle;c savings acnount to bspport ttr smnrct5,ssadr:0nve0/n-4 of his famy:A aid to paydforshis ass=" llat O;c Mhss.

invtined somrsof itreinsura"" monty, aid dhen hc gra>uarcd,sh_ sttll h" a lget=ebank acnount. Hrsftverageinttat nt I egg to buildshis own iaxorstm, whichsbece,. anve0y bsices/ful busint s.

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always refused to ld inhim a di,. aid toldshim to gho a job if hc ngcded monty.

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