bio-carter-nichols-400Carter Nichols was born to J.D. and Linda Nichols on April 6, 1992 in Greenville, Mississippi. The Nichols family was a long-standing family of prominence in the Delta. Originally owners of a cotton plantation, the men in the family had since branched out into law and banking. J.D. Nichols described himself as a lawyer and "gentleman farmer" with real estate interests on the side.

Early on in school, Carter displayed a great deal of potential, but he also displayed almost unlimited amounts of selfishness and a tremendously spoiled nature. His grades were always poor and, no matter what his teachers tried to do to engage him, they had no success. J.D. Nichols was always off either playing golf or working on some new real estate development, but he was rarely around the house. Linda Nichols couldn't be bothered with her child and placated him by giving him whatever he wanted.

By high school, Carter was driving a BMW and getting C's and D's. Even sports held no interest for him because they required him to work and get sweaty. He spent most of the weekends his senior year driving up to Oxford where he partied at his father's old fraternity house.

Upon graduation, Carter began attending the University of Mississippi. Perplexed as to which major he should chose, he ultimately settled on Acting. He liked the freedom and laid-back nature of the Theatre Arts Department. He had originally thought about creative writing, but the teachers were far too rigorous. He found that the Theatre Arts department, although demanding, would tolerate his lackadaisical attitude since he never had to excel at anything. He could work on stage design and then as soon as someone expected something of him in that area, he could claim to be an actor. Then, when people began to expect him to work on his acting skills, he could claim to be a director and so forth.

Carter spent his first year at Ole Miss living in a rented house out on College Hill Drive. Freshmen at the University are required to live in the dorm, but Carter just paid his dorm fees and promptly rented a house with a friend. After his freshman year, he moved into an expensive apartment above the Square.

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