Jill was born on September 13, 1974 to Joe and Maude Ross.

Joe and his brother Ray were both attorneys at law and they opened their own law firm "Ross & Ross" on Main Street in Kansas City, Missouri in 1962. They hired a young woman named Midge Sutter to be their paralegal. After a few months the business really started to pick up and the brothers found that they needed more help.

At this time Midge was dating Ray and she told them that she had a sister who had secretarial and receptionist skills. Maude Sutter was hired and was soon dating Joe Ross. The brothers decided to pop the question to their girls on the same night and reserved a table for 4 at their favorite dining establishment. When the meal was over, the waiter brought out 4 wine glasses with a nice sweet red wine. Unbeknownst to the sisters there were engagements rings in both their glasses. The couples were married in a double ceremony on February 14, 1967.

They bought houses in the same subdivision and they did everything together. Except for starting a family. They were all ready to start when Midge found out she had ovarian cancer. The doctors found the cancer in time to save her life but not in time to save her ovaries.

Maude promised Midge that when she had her children that she would be involved in everything from the birth on.

On September 13, 1974, Maude's contractions started. Before she woke Joe, she called her sister. When the contractions were 5 minutes apart they decided to head for the hospital. Joe and Maude were in the lead car and Ray and Midge were following. En route to the hospital, Maude's water broke, and Maude's pain became so intense that Joe decided to pass a couple of cars on the highway. Ray followed. A semi popped over the hill and clipped the backend of Joe's car as he was getting back into the right hand lane but hit Ray's car head ceron 13. Ray followege that when st> 1 Year Sub"/hit Ray's ca Midge that m n pped over the hi"inLanguager{e her life but not in time to save her ovaries.

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