Investigators spoke to Elliott Owens' parents, Jack and Rachel Owens, to try to corroborate his alibi for the time Annette Wyatt was killed.

These interviews are representative of all interviews conducted.

Jack Owens


Jack Owens is Elliott Owens' father.


•  Detective E. Parker
•  Jack Owens


Detective Parker: Please state your name and address.

Jack Owens: Jack Owens, 1264 Beanland Drive Oxford.

Detective Parker: I need to ask you a few questions about your son Elliott.

Jack Owens: All right.

Detective Parker: Where does Elliott live?

Jack Owens: In my house … still.

Detective Parker: Jack what can you tell us about Annette Wyatt?

Jack Owens: She’s dead. I don’t know anything about her other than that.

Detective Parker: How and when did you learn of her death?

Jack Owens: I heard it on the radio the day after it happened.

Detective Parker: Do you recall the date?

Jack Owens: She died on the 15th, my birthday.

Detective Parker: Do you remember where Elliott was that night?

Jack Owens: He was home. He was sitting on the couch with his laptop most of the evening.

Detective Parker: Did he leave the couch or the home at any point that evening?

Jack Owens: He went back and forth from computer to laptop.

Detective Parker: Where is the computer?

Jack Owens: In his room. He would web surf on his laptop and play games in his room.

Detective Parker: Did he leave the house for any reason?

Jack Owens: Not while Rachel and I were awake.

Detective Parker: What time did you go to bed that night?

Jack Owens: It was close to 9:00, maybe a little after.

Detective Parker: Thank you for your time.


Rachel Owens


Rachel Owens is Elliott Owens' mother.


•  Detective S. Murphy
•  Rachel Owens


Detective Murphy: Please state your name and address for the record.

Rachel Owens: My name is Rachel Owens, and I live at1264 Beanland Drive, Oxford.

Detective Murphy: I need to talk to you about your son, Elliott.

Rachel Owens: Oh, no. Is he in some kind of trouble?

Detective Murphy: Not at this time.

Rachel Owens: Good. What can I do for you?

Detective Murphy: On the evening of September the 15th, where were you?

Rachel Owens: Home. I made sauerkraut and wieners for Jack’s birthday. It’s what he wanted.

Detective Murphy: Do you know where Elliott was that evening?

Rachel Owens: He was home also. He lives with Jack and me.

Detective Murphy: Was he home all night?

Rachel Owens: Yes, all night.

Detective Murphy: Are you sure?

Rachel Owens: Positive. He complained all night about the kraut smell in the house.

Detective Murphy: Did you or your husband leave the house?

Rachel Owens: No.

Detective Murphy: What time did you and Jack retire for the night?

Rachel Owens: It was before 9:30.

Detective Murphy: Elliott was still home when you retired?

Rachel Owens: Yes he was in his room when we went up to ours.

Detective Murphy: Would you have heard him leave if he chose to?

Rachel Owens: No. We sleep upstairs and with a fan.

Detective Murphy: Thank you.