Investigating Officer(s): Det. S. Murphy, Det. E. Parker
Incident No.: 004048-28H-2021
Case Description: Annette Wyatt homicide investigation

Pursuant to a court order, the following items were taken into evidence from Annette Wyatt's residence at 1044 Zilla Avent Road. The residence remains sealed pending findings of the homicide investigation.

Note: Fingerprints were collected at the scene and are being cataloged.


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004048-06: One (1) business card for Owens IT Solutions

  • 004048-06: One (1) tablet computer
  • 004048-07: One (1) used pregnancy test, negative
  • 004048-08: One (1) business card for Owens IT Solutions
  • 004048-09: One (1) digital clock with hidden camera
    • Micro SD storage card not found