We're taking a couple of days to recharge our investigative batteries, and a new case will start on Tuesday, July 5th. We'll see you then!

This door was hidden for decades. What's inside? Find out starting July 5th

A suspect is in custody for the murder of Annette Wyatt. Is it the person you expected?

Who's been accused of killing Annette?

Examine the Real Estate Rancor evidence, and share your theories in the comments.

Special Notice: The Crime Scene Forums are temporarily offline for maintenance. They'll be back in time for our next investigation, beginning on Tuesday, July 5th.


Mean Teen – An exclusive investigation for Crime Scene Detectives

Arrests have also been made in the death of Alyx Byrns.

Did you accurately predict who'd be held responsible for what happened to her?

Find out who was responsible for what happened to Alyx Byrns

Examine the Mean Teen evidence, and share your theories in and the comments.

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