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New Information for Detectives

Mallory Benson search

The detectives executed a warrant to collect evidence potentially relevant to the investigation from Mallory Benson.

Peggy LeClaire search

The detectives executed a warrant to collect evidence potentially relevant to the investigation from Peggy LeClaire.

Boyd Forbes interview

Detective Armstrong went to talk to an inmate who might have some relevant information.

Peggy LeClaire interview #3

Detective Armstrong wanted to get Peggy's take on Mallory's story.

Myra Portnoy interview

Detective Murphy visited a local store to follow up on a possible lead.

Mallory Benson interview #3

Attorney John Welles contacted the detectives to say his client wanted to meet with them.

Father Monahan interview

Detective Murphy spoke to a local priest to get more information about a recent discovery.

Incident report

A fellow officer notified Detectives Armstrong and Murphy about a potentially related incident.

New Information for Officers

Desperate Stranger

The detectives received some more information about Zoe's book.

Alice Zerousnik interview

Investigators identified a potential witness among Zoe's phone contacts.

Jack Swanson interview #2

Jack came in for another conversation with Detective Armstrong.

Debbie Fitzgerald interview #2

Debbie came in to answer a few more questions about Zoe.

Steven Atwater interview #2

Detective Armstrong spoke to Steven about the tensions in his relationship with Zoe.

Howard & Marion Neidelmen interview #2

Detective Murphy called Howard and Marion to ask some follow-up questions.

Zoe's Chase

After speaking to Richard Bertuch, Tammy sent the information Detective Armstrong requested.

Tammy Wilson interview

Tammy contacted detectives to say she might have some information relevant to the investigation.

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New Info for Detectives

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