Wayne Fisher was a divorced father of two adult sons

DOB: 9/15/59
Occupation: Owner/operator, Fisher Pest Control
Hometown: Damascus, MS
Relationship to case: At the crime scene
Excerpt: "'[Wayne] was really trying to stay straight, cleaned up and all that. […] He wanted to repair the relationships with…'"

Robert Pruitt was found shot to death in his home

Robert Pruitt was found shot to death in his home alongside another person his wife could not identify.

Gloria Bell has been focused on her career and public service since her marriage failed

DOB: 3/4/73
Occupation: Senior Assistant District Attorney
Hometown: Greenville, MS
Relationship to case: Ex-wife of Robert Pruitt
Excerpt: "'[What Robert did] was everything Gloria despised. […] She felt totally betrayed.'"

Ned Fisher remained close to his father after his parents' divorce

DOB: 8/11/85
Occupation: Owner/operator, Fisher Pest Control
Hometown: Memphis, TN
Relationship to case: Son/business partner of Wayne Fisher
Excerpt: "[Anyone] who still thought the young man could turn things around lost that optimism when Ned got into a…"

Christine Fisher was married to Wayne Fisher for 14 years

DOB: 8/23/63
Occupation: Receptionist
Hometown: Memphis, TN
Relationship to case: Ex-wife of Wayne Fisher
Excerpt: "That 'man trouble' was Christine's own husband, Wayne, about whom she regularly complained to…"

Joel Fisher grew up hating his father, Wayne

DOB: 10/4/83
Occupation: Librarian
Hometown: Memphis, TN
Relationship to case: Estranged son of Wayne Fisher
Excerpt: "[Joel] was certain Ned and Wayne were up to no good and […] would try to ruin…"

Jackie Woodruff blames Robert Pruitt for time she served in prison.

DOB: 11/17/90
Occupation: Waitress
Hometown: Oxford, MS
Relationship to case: Former client of Robert Pruitt
Excerpt: "[Jackie said] she'd smacked around the wrong person … [and] she should have saved her energy for Pruitt who…"

Rick Gill is a divorced father of four who resents his ex-wife and her attorney, Robert Pruitt

DOB: 9/6/71
Occupation: Landscaper
Hometown: Honolulu, HI
Relationship to case: Threatened Robert Pruitt
Excerpt: "Rick began having extreme emotional highs and lows, and one day…"

Mira Lee works for Pruitt & Rayburn and dreams of a more exciting life

DOB: 8/9/89
Occupation: Secretary/receptionist
Hometown: Oxford, MS
Relationship to case: Worked for Robert Pruitt
Excerpt: "[Mira] felt humiliated by not just his betrayal, but the sheer…"

Gary Rayburn met Robert Pruitt at his 27th birthday party.

DOB: 4/23/78
Occupation: Attorney
Hometown: Tremont, MS
Relationship to case: Robert Pruitt's law partner
Excerpt: "Yet for all the reasons that Gary worshipped Robert, he also…"

Vanessa found her husband and another person dead in her home

DOB: 5/5/77
Occupation: Sr. Sales Manager, Oxford Eagle
Hometown: Florence, AL
Relationship to case: Found bodies
Excerpt: "As time passed, Vanessa became more and more impatient with Robert's…"

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