Farmer arrested brandishing severed hand
The Crime Beat column reports: A farmer was arrested in possession of what he claimed was a human hand.

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  detectiveSH — Strange behaviour but I'll keep reading before I comment any......

Body found on area farm
The Crime Beat column reports: A body was found on an area farm. Its possible connection to the severed hand is undetermined at this time.

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  Keerthiga — I think John Reagle is innocent...
  rosemommi79 — I excited to say I was right about this I was thinking that ......

YCSD seeking missing person Andrew Fine
The Crime Beat column reports: The YCSD is asking for the public's help in locating a missing person.

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  rosemommi79 — And...the waiting game begins!...

Action News 12 reports on the Andrew Fine murderThe local news reports live from the crime scene, where a body was found buried near a cotton field.

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  rosemommi79 — interesting.......

Body found on area farm IDed
The Crime Beat column reports: The body found on Reagle Farm Road has been identified and linked to the severed hand recovered one day before.

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  Shuli P Ackmun — The Devotion and Recklessness regarding Cindy's persistent d......
  rosemommi79 — hmm brother is on the run? Maybe?...


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