John Reagle has been farming in Yoknapatawpha County for almost 50 years


DOB: 6/6/71
Occupation: Farmer
Hometown: Biloxi, MS
Relationship to case: found severed hand
Excerpt: "Johnny is known around town as a braggart and often isn't taken seriously because…"

Andy Fine was born and raised in Yoknapatawpha County

Andrew Fine spent some time in the Navy, and then came home to Oxford, where he got married and took a job auto body mechanic.

Cindy Fine grew up in Oxford and married Andy Fine, a boy she'd known since childhood


DOB: 6/6/73
Occupation: Housewife/seamstress
Hometown: Oxford, MS
Relationship to case: victim's wife
Excerpt: "Cindy was intrigued by Carl's younger brother, Andy, if only because his character seemed to be exactly…"

Lisa Holman grew up in Baton Rouge and moved to Oxford with a boyfriend


DOB: 11/17/81
Occupation: Administrative assistant
Hometown: Baton Rouge, LA
Relationship to case: John Reagle's ex-girlfriend
Excerpt: "The conflict became so intense that Lisa decided to move out. It came as no surprise to John, who was glad to see her go so he could…"

Chas Laughlin has had many run-ins with the law in his life


DOB: 5/22/65
Occupation: Owner, Laughlin Auto Body
Hometown: Hattiesburg, MS
Relationship to case: Andy Fine's employer
Excerpt: "Chas got out of Parchman in 1984 with a GED, several mechanic's certificates, and…"

Carl Fine had a difficult relationship with his half-brother all their lives


DOB: 3/16/70
Occupation: Pulpwood manager
Hometown: Oxford, MS
Relationship to case: Andy Fine's half-brother
Excerpt: "[W]ith his mother and sister living in Florida, Carl was on his own to try to rein in his wayward brother's…"

Dudley Brinkman had a crush on Cindy Fine in high school


DOB: 12/10/74
Occupation: Nurse
Hometown: Oxford, MS
Relationship to case: Cindy Fine's high school friend
Excerpt: "[Dudley] knew Andy from high school as a bully, and he had often been the brunt of Andy's…"

Eddie Dooley has been charged with petty crimes in the past but nothing serious


DOB: 12/12/77
Occupation: Ole Miss Physical Plant employee
Hometown: Ashburn, GA
Relationship to case: Saw the Fines at Duffy's July 3rd
Excerpt: "Eddie landed in Oxford. The small town suited him, and the college allowed plenty of opportunity for…"

Robyn Dykman is Cindy Fine's younger sister


DOB: 3/3/80
Occupation: Nurse
Hometown: Oxford, MS
Relationship to case: Cindy Fine's sister
Excerpt: "[Robyn] felt helpless and frustrated that Cindy continued to take the blame for…"

Bill Dykman is married to Cindy Fine's younger sister


DOB: 8/19/77
Occupation: Iron worker
Hometown: Corinth, MS
Relationship to case: Cindy Fine's brother-in-law
Excerpt: "[Bill] had nightmares of having to tell his wife that something terrible happened to…"

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