1. Amara Peyton
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  3. Tuesday, 26 November 2019
I am very confused about the “Shot in the Dark” case. About Monica Drum. It is located on this website.
Can someone write an analysis of the investigation detailing what lead you to your suspect(s)?
What is the Modus Operandi?
What is the Corpus Delicti?                                                                                                             Explain the suspect(s) Motive, Means and Opportunity?
What does the investigative timeline look like?
First go to the coroner's report , find the time of death , & the summary of the injuries , try to find murder weapon description . next , find friends/enemies check alibis , were they confirmed? Did they even give an alibi , once your down to 3-4 suspectsstart looking at clues that can tie each one to the crime , the one that has most FOCUS ON .
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