Mary Lee Jackson interview

Detective Murphy sat down with the Stillwaters' maid.

Reaching out, acting out and going out

The Face in the Mirror has a few tidbits and a smidge of scoop

Philip Stillwater bio

Excerpt: "After bellowing at the woman for several minutes, Philip screeched …"

Philip Stillwater interview

Philip agreed to meet with a detective on the university campus.

Eugenia Stillwater bio

Excerpt: "After that incident, Eugenia's spirits plummeted, and she …"

Eugenia Stillwater interview

The detectives asked Blake Stillwater's wife to come in for a conversation.

Jenny Sadlier bio

Excerpt: "While she never excelled as a developer or author of original ideas, Jenny was …"

Jenny Sadlier interview

Detective Murphy spoke by phone with the victim's former roommate in Seattle.

Cell phone records

Investigators obtained call records for the victim's cell phone from the days surrounding her death.

Victim's email

Investigators obtained the victim's email from the days surrounding her death.

Peter Pane bio

Excerpt: "There was not one subject on which the siblings saw eye to eye."

Peter Pane interview

Detective Armstrong finally caught up with the victim's brother.

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