Donald Huddleston interview

The detectives had a brief conversation about recent events with Marc's dad.

Donald Huddleston bio

Excerpt: "After years of working […] while traveling to competitions, Don …"

Marc Huddleston interview #2

The detectives brought Marc in for another conversation in light of recent developments.

Forensic analysis – cup

The crime lab submitted their rush preliminary analysis of the cup recently collected as evidence.

Surveillance report

YCSD investigators recently placed a person of interest under surveillance.

Alibi check – Caroline Miller #2

Investigators spoke to Square Books employees and patrons to verify Caroline's whereabouts when Frederick died.

Alibi check – Lizzie Miller #2

Investigators canvassed the skate park, looking for anyone who was there the night Frederick died.

Canvass – YHS students

The detectives talked to YHS students to learn more about Marc and Lizzie's relationship.

Lyle Nelson interview #2

The detectives wanted to know if Lyle could shed any more light on Frederick's concerns.

Lyle Nelson bio

Excerpt: "[Lyle] often jokes to his customers that he's married to …"

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