Wendy's correspondence

YCSD investigators reviewed the contents of the file labeled "Correspondence."

Wendy's Jenny file

YCSD investigators reviewed the contents of the file labeled "Jenny."

Forensic analysis

The Crime Lab analyzed evidence from the victim's residence and elsewhere. Additional analyses are ongoing.

Michael Robbins interview #2

The detectives wanted more information on Mr. Robbins' movements when the victim was killed.

Updated map

Investigators updated the informal map to include additional locations.

Search – Stillwater residence

YCSD investigators searched the Stillwaters' residence for evidence.

Blake Stillwater bio

Excerpt: "The Stillwaters' friends still whisper about a blazing argument around …"

Blake Stillwater interview

The detectives finally got a chance to sit down with Mr. Stillwater.

Dan Courrier interview

Detective Armstrong talked to one of the victim's regular email correspondents.

John Holloway interview

Detective Armstrong spoke with the victim's ex-husband by telephone.

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