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Cynthia J. Markert, CLPE
North Mississippi Regional Laboratory
Batesville, MS 38606
662-563-XXXX (FAX 662-563-XXXX)

Analysis: Latent Print Examination


Case Description:
Alyx Byrns death investigation

Case #

Investigative Agency:
Yoknapatawpha County Sheriff's Department

Investigating Officer(s):
Det. S. Murphy, Det. T. Armstrong

The following full and partial fingerprints recovered from the crime scene were analyzed for identification with the results shown:

001981-01: One (1) rubber raft, blue
Evidence # Identification
001981-P001 through 001981-P014 Consistent with Alyx Byrns
001981-P015 through 001981-P019 Consistent with Megan Plummer
001981-02: One (1) knife
Evidence # Identification
001981-P020 through 001981-P023 Consistent with Alyx Byrns
001981-P024 through 001981-P026 Consistent with Josh Carstairs
001981-03 through 001981-05: Three (3) fragments of broken glass
Evidence # Identification
001981-P027 through 001981-P028 Consistent with Alyx Byrns
001981-P029 Consistent with Megan Plummer
001981-P032 Consistent with Katie Henderson
001981-06: One (1) pair of sunglasses worn by victim
Evidence # Identification
001981-P033 Consistent with Alyx Byrns
001981-P034 Consistent with Katie Henderson
001981-P035 unidentified
001981-07 through 001981-08: Two (2) 750ml bottles of Highland Park Scotch Whiskey
Evidence # Identification
001981-P036 through 001981-P046 Consistent with Paul Byrns
001981-P047 through 001981-P053 Consistent with Barbara Byrns
001981-P054 through 001981-P056 unidentified
001981-09 through 001981-10: Two (2) 750ml bottles of Bombay Sapphire Gin
Evidence # Identification
001981-P057 through 001981-P064 Consistent with Barbara Byrns
001981-P065 through 001981-P069 Consistent with Paul Byrns
001981-11: One (1) 750ml bottle of Everclear Grain Alcohol
Evidence # Identification
No usable fingerprints recovered
001981-12: One (1) 750ml bottle of Imperial Vodka
Evidence # Identification
001981-P070 through 001981-P075 Consistent with Paul Byrns
001981-P076 through 001981-P079 Consistent with Barbara Byrns
001981-P080 Consistent with Katie Henderson
001981-13: One (1) 750ml bottle of 1800 Silver Tequila
Evidence # Identification
001981-P081 through 001981-P088 Consistent with Barbara Byrns
001981-P089 through 001981-P093 Consistent with Paul Byrns
001981-14: One (1) 750ml bottle of 896 Rum
Evidence # Identification
001981-P094 through 001981-P098 Consistent with Paul Byrns
001981-P099 through 001981-P102 unidentified
001981-15: One (1) 750ml bottle of Bacardi Superior Rum
Evidence # Identification
001981-P103 through 01831-P109 Consistent with Rachel Moody
001981-P110 through 001981-P111 unidentified


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