David Gregory interview #2

The detectives asked David to fill in the details he failed to mention previously.

Paul Byrns interview #2

The detectives wanted to hear what Paul had to say about recent revelations.

Barbara Byrns interview #2

The detectives asked Barbara to come in again to discuss some new information.

Rachel Moody interview #2

The detectives asked Rachel to be more forthcoming about the Byrns family.

Miranda Lambert interview

The detectives tracked down Alyx's birth mother and brought her in for a conversation.

Miranda Lambert bio

Miranda's childhood left her ill-equipped to be a mother to Alyx.

Megan Plummer interview #2

The detectives asked Megan for more information about what they learned from Katie.

Katie Henderson interview #2

The detectives asked Katie about the relationships in and around the Byrns family.

Josh Carstairs interview #2

The detectives asked Josh about some information in the fingerprint report.

Fingerprints – Byrns residence

The crime lab sent over preliminary findings on fingerprints lifted from the death scene.

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