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Bloodstain Template 15 Count


You don't have to be a trained bloodstain analyst to use Bloodstain Template. Its purpose is to highlight the importance of bloodstains and to...



Candy Blood Clots

Popular Gift Ideas

New blood sucking Candy Blood Clot test tubes! Kids love these crunchy tasty cherry candies .Candy Blood Clots come in a fun vial . 



DNA Double Helix Kit

Science Education

  DNA Double Helix Made Easy! Assemble a DNA strand with Wikki Stix...which adhere to each other with just fingertip pressure.  No glue, no paste,...



Instant I.D. Evidence Envelopes

Evidence Packaging

These envelopes are made with heavy duty paper and have a large window, perfect for packaging biological items or anything where instant visual...


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I.D. Print Inkless Retabs

Printing with Ink

I.D. Print Thumbprint Labels, Box of 500 for the I.D. Print inkless fingerprint system.  You must use a special chemical ink order to use...



Physical Developer Chemical Kit

Printing with Powder

Physical Developer is a silver-ion based reagent that reacts with the lipids, oils, and waxes in latent print residues. Physical Developer is a very...



Weapon Collection Boxes: Knife, Handgun or Rifle

Evidence Packaging

Our heavy duty Weapons Collection and Storage Boxes are specifically designed to hold rifles, handguns, or knives. These cardboard boxes feature...


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Fingerprint Pads, Porelon
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Fingerprint Pads, Porelon

Printing with Ink

Porelon® Fingerprint Pads will take thousands of fingerprints and are always ready for use. The stored ink rises to the surface of the...

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BioVu Heavy Duty Body bag

Body Bags

This body bag features a see-thru panel. It's intended use is for incidences of chemical or biological exposure.  This see-thru feature also makes...


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Desktop Fingerprinting Station, Folding

Printing with Ink

These compact Folding Desktop Fingerprinting Stations fold in half for easy storage and mobility. Each station comes with one attached Porelon®...



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