Forensic Science Kit

Forensic Science Kit

I bought the single-use kit to use with my 30 student classroom. I just couldn't afford the classroom version.

Luckily, it was easy to extend the single use kit to give all 30 students hands-on activity. For starters, we copied the CDs to use in the computer lab. Tom and crimescene give you permission to do that! We then copied the printed materials so everyone had a handbook.

Instead of using the single item of fingerprint evidence that crimescene sent (a fingerprint on glass), I created 30 of my own items of print evidence and altered the handout ( I had to replace the comparision print with my own so they'd match.) We just shared the brush and powder.

I could have ordered more hemestix for blood tests, but opted to just do one as a whole class demonstration.

For $60 I got an awful lot of use out of this kit and will reuse again.

A NOTE FROM CRIMSCENE: We condone copying the disks and handouts for classroom use. We are also constantly impressed by the resourcefulness of teachers.

Amy Simms, 05/06/2003
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