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New Information for Detectives

Chris Frost interview

The detectives spoke to one of Annette's former clients about their relationship.

Chris Frost bio

Chris recently bought her first home through the Harte Agency.

Elena Harte interview

The detectives talked to Jeff's wife about her relationship with his employee and former girlfriend, Annette.

Elena Harte bio

Elena dotes on her husband and is thrilled they are expecting their first child.

Joanna Grubman bio

Joanna has always been fiercely protective of her loved ones.

Joanna Grubman interview

The detectives asked Kurt's wife about Annette's relationship with her and others.

Tara Copeland interview

The detectives spoke to Pearce Brokers' receptionist to find out what she knew about Annette.

Tara Copeland bio

After job-hopping for several years, Tara has worked at Pearce Brokers since 2015.

New Information for Officers

Donna Sowa bio

Born and raised in Oxford, Donna started her real estate career right after high school.

Donna Sowa interview

The detectives asked Pearce Brokers employee Donna what she knew about Annette Wyatt.

Rita Pearce interview

Given Annette’s investigation, the detectives pressed Rita about her activities the night of the murder.

Rita Pearce bio

Rita is a self-made businesswoman known for her ability to recruit top-notch employees.

Darren Barksdale interview

The detectives talked to a man Annette had been seeing for a few years.

Darren Barksdale bio

Darren has finally found his niche in life with a job and a woman he loves.

Naomi Fields interview

The detectives asked Naomi about Annette's relationships with her co-workers and the man she was dating.

Naomi Fields bio

Naomi has relied on her best friend Annette for support and advice since high school.


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