Robin Maxwell interview

Robin Maxwell, missing skaters' motherSunday, January 5, 2014 - 7:45 p.m.

Robin Maxwell came to the Yoknapatawpha County Sheriff's Department with her husband to report their son and daughter, Cameron and Caitlin Maxwell, missing. Prior to the interview, Detectives Armstrong and Murphy took the report from the Maxwells, who said they hadn't seen or heard from Cameron or Caitlin since before dawn on January 3, 2014.

After getting the preliminary details, the detectives interviewed the Maxwells separately. Detective Murphy interviewed Mrs. Maxwell. The interview was recorded with the witness's knowledge and consent.


Detective Murphy: Mrs. Maxwell, you understand that we'd like to ask you some questions that might help us determine what happened to Cameron and Caitlin. You're free to leave any time.

Robin Maxwell: Of course. Anything at all.

Detective Murphy: First, if you would, please state your name and address for the record.

Robin Maxwell: Robin Ross Maxwell. I live at 103 Pleasant Drive near Avent Park.

Detective Murphy: Thank you. Now, you said you last saw Cameron and Caitlin on Friday morning, January 3rd.

Robin Maxwell: That's right. Austin took them to the bus so they could get to Memphis for their flight to Boston.

Detective Murphy: What time was it when Austin, Cameron and Caitlin left the house for the bus stop?

Robin Maxwell: It was about quarter after 3:00, I think. Maybe a minute or two earlier.

Detective Murphy: Do you recall what Cameron and Caitlin were wearing?

Robin Maxwell: Yes, Caitlin had on jeans, a light blue turtleneck she got for Christmas, a white sweatshirt and her light blue skating jacket. Cameron was wearing jeans, a white T-shirt with an emblem on the pocket and his dark blue jacket.

Detective Murphy: You and your husband aren't going to watch them perform?

Robin Maxwell: Oh, we wouldn't miss it, but they don't compete until later in the week. We were scheduled to leave in a few days, but now that it seems like they're not even thereā€¦ I don't know.

Detective Murphy: How were things the morning they left? Any tension, arguments, worries?

Robin Maxwell: Not at all. We had a big breakfast. Caitlin and Cameron were looking forward to the trip. You know, Todd and I are so proud of them. We were laughing, talking about the schedule in Boston, things like that.

Detective Murphy: They were both in a positive frame of mind then?

Robin Maxwell: Yes.

Detective Murphy: What was Austin's mood that morning?

Robin Maxwell: He was sleepy. I got him up at about 3:00. I wanted to let him sleep. He plays with the band late most nights, so he's not used to getting up like that. He was going to get up, drive Caitlin and Cameron over to the Eastgate Shopping Center where the bus stops, and then come home and go back to bed.

Detective Murphy: When did Austin get back home that morning?

Robin Maxwell: I think it was by 4:00 a.m. That's what he said.

Detective Murphy: You didn't see him when he came home?

Robin Maxwell: No. Todd and I went back to bed, and I was asleep. I didn't hear Austin come back in.

Detective Murphy: Is Austin envious or resentful of Cameron and Caitlin's success, would you say?

Robin Maxwell: Well, I know he feels that Cameron and Caitlin have gotten more from us than he has, and when it comes to money, I guess that's true. Championship level skating doesn't come cheap. I think he understands that though. He complains from time to time.

Detective Murphy: Mrs. Maxwell, have either Caitlin or Cameron said anything to you or given you any indication that they were depressed or wanted to get away for a bit?

Robin Maxwell: No. The last year has been rough for them after what happened at Nationals, but they stuck it out. They're feeling really good about their chances of making the Olympic team in Boston. They've gotten quite a bit of support from their coaches and the local club.

Detective Murphy: Do Cameron or Caitlin have any enemies? Any other skaters maybe that might want to get them out of competition?

Robin Maxwell: Oh, no. They're good competitors and well-liked. I don't know of anyone that would feel that threatened by them.

Detective Murphy: What about friends here in Oxford? Did they spend time with their friends while they were at home?

Robin Maxwell: Not much. They wanted to stay around the house for the most part. We had lots of work to do on their costumes, finalizing their travel arrangements, things like that for this trip to Boston and hopefully Sochi next month. Plus, they practiced almost every day except Christmas Day. Cameron spent some time with Ryan. That's his best friend in Oxford. I know Caitlin talked with Maggie, one of her school friends, and a few others.

Detective Murphy: We're going to ask you and Mr. Maxwell to sit down and make a list of all the people you can think of that Cameron and Caitlin might have had contact with while they were here. We'll want to talk with them, too.

Robin Maxwell: OK.

Detective Murphy: While they were here, did either of them get any phone calls, emails, texts or letters that stand out in your mind?

Robin Maxwell: No, not that I know of.

Detective Murphy: I know this is a hard question for you, but since Austin is the last person we know of who saw them, is there any chance he might have something to do with Cameron and Caitlin's disappearance?

Robin Maxwell: Oh my goodness, no. Not at all.

Detective Murphy: Do you have any idea what might have happened to Cameron and Caitlin?

Robin Maxwell: Detective Murphy, I'm scared for them. I hope they did run off someplace, and we get home and they call. But in my heart, I feel something bad has happened here. I can't imagine them doing something like just leaving with all the plans they had for this trip, but I'm hoping that's all it is. Please find them.

Detective Murphy: We'll do everything we can, Mrs. Maxwell. If you think of anything at all that might help, you let us know.

Robin Maxwell: But you're going to start looking for them right now, aren't you? You'll find them?

Detective Murphy: We'll do everything we can, ma'am.

Robin Maxwell: How long will it take you to find them?

Detective Murphy: That's hard to say right now. Hopefully, it won't take too long. You can help us by letting us know if you think of anything else or if anyone contacts you about Cameron or Caitlin. And of course, if you hear from either of them, call us right away.

Interview ends: 8:08 p.m.