Patrick Richards bio

The son of teachers, Patrick worked extra jobs to afford college.

Patrick Richards interview

Patrick reportedly wrote the column alleging teachers could be bribed to get better grades.

Jacob Hunter interview

Investigators identified Jacob Hunter as the boy seen riding his bike the morning the body was found.

Pace residence evidence inventory

CSU provided a preliminary inventory of Items taken into evidence from Kimberly Pace's residence.

Proposed & Opposed rebuttal

Kimberly Pace expressed her outrage in response to the Proposed and Opposed column.

Proposed & Opposed column

This column in the Ole Miss newspaper, The Daily Mississippian, caused an uproar on campus.

Paul Evans bio

Born in Michigan, Paul has lived in the Oxford area since he was 13.

Paul Evans interview

Paul was estranged from his longtime girlfriend, Kimberly, at the time of her death.

Arthur Beck bio

Arthur and his wife retired to Oxford and moved next door to Kimberly Pace.

Arthur Beck interview

Arthur Beck reportedly sometimes argued with his next door neighbor, Kimberly Pace.


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