Lynette Martinson found Jerry Shaw's bodyLynette Martinson, a nurse at Yoknapatawpha Acres Nursing Home, discovered Jerry Shaw's body and called 911.

Phil Shaw, victim's brotherThe detectives spoke to Phillip Shaw about his late brother, Jerry.

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  lgillette — cfp et al - If you were a scummy low-life gambler and someon......
  cfp — Until his alibi can be proven he has to be considered a susp......

Richard Landrigan, Nursing home manager

The detectives spoke to nursing home manager Richard Landrigan about his employee Jerry Shaw.

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  cfp — Detective Armstrong:- Do you know of anyone who would benefi......
  echrisvasquez — He hee...

Natalie Martin supervised Jerry Shaw at the nursing homeThe detectives spoke with Yoknapatawpha Acres head nurse Natalie Martin about her co-worker Jerry Shaw.

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  lgillette — Trying to tease out a little something here. Natalie and Ric......

Bernice Darling, Jerry Shaw's co-worker

Bernice Darling is a nursing assistant at the Yoknapatawpha Acres nursing home where Jerry Shaw worked.

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  echrisvasquez — Billy Jean is not my lova...
  cfp — It's still only early day's for this investigation but if I ......

Erin Bailey worked with Jerry ShawThe detectives talked to nurse Erin Bailey about her co-worker Jerry Shaw.

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  lgillette — cfp - An audit is an excellent idea!...
  cfp — Erin overheard Richard asking Jerry when he was going to get......

LaDonna Kitterman worked with Jerry Shaw at the nursing homeThe detectives talked to LaDonna Kitterman, a nurse's aide who worked with Jerry Shaw at the Yoknapatawpha Acres Nursing Home.

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  cfp — Gee! it doesn't look good for Richard Landrigan. The more I......
  lgillette — It sounds like Jerry may have been on to Landrigan skimming ......

Matt Hooper argued with Jerry Shaw the day he died

Matt Hooper delivers oxygen to different nursing homes in the Oxford area, including Yoknapatawpha Acres where he met Jerry Shaw.

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  dozergal649 — Well I think this boys telling a story to fit to what's ask ......

Sylvia Powell, nurse

The detectives talked to Yoknapatawpha Acres nurse Sylvia Powell about her relationship with Jerry Shaw.

Rose Jenkins reportedly complains about the way Jerry Shaw touched herThe detectives asked nursing home resident Rose Jenkins about her alleged complaint about Jerry Shaw.

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  dozergal649 — Lights r on No ones home (dementia) not reliable info...

Magnolia Harbison didn't like Jerry ShawThe detectives talked to Mrs. Harbison about her Yoknapatawpha Acres roommate Rose Jenkins and their encounters with Jerry Shaw.

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