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When Zina Jacinto went to the local pet supply store and saw the missing poster for a cute dog named Tony, she was sad to see someone's pet was lost but wasn't particularly worried.

But as she watched the number of missing dog posters balloon over the next few weeks, she became increasingly concerned.

When her young friends, the Kudzu Kids, came to visit, Miss Zina told them about her fears for the missing pets.

Rachel, Zach, Melody and Emma jumped into action and said they'd find out what or who was behind all the disappearances.

Will you help the Kudzu Kids: Pooch Sleuths find these dogs who've disappeared?


Help investigate the case

The case is organized into categories of Interviews, Evidence, Biographies, and Press. Links to each category are provided on each case page.

Click on the links to move between categories and review the different pieces of evidence.

If this is your first look at the investigation, you may want to start here:

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