Status report

This report summarizing investigative activities on May 2-4, 2017, was added to the case file.

Mitch Freedman interview

Following up on a tip, the detectives spoke to another YHS student.

Mitch Freedman bio

Excerpt: "[Mitch] started dressing differently and has been caught …"

Keanu May interview

Following up on a tip, the detectives spoke to a YHS student.

Keanu May bio

Excerpt: "It got to the point where Keanu either was being hounded to …"

Stephanie Bragg alibi check

YCSD investigators tried to corroborate Stephanie's alibi for the night of April 20, 2017.

Biological sample collection

The detectives obtained warrants to collect biological samples from a person of interest.

Claire Rivas interview

A YHS junior came forward with a tip in the Frederick Miller death investigation.

Claire Rivas bio

Excerpt: "[Claire] found a new group of friends who were …"

Forensic analysis – footwear

The crime lab submitted their rush preliminary comparison footwear evidence with the partial footprint.

Despite reward, no new leads

The Crime Beat reports: $2,500 reward has yet to produce solid evidence

Canvass – Square Pizza teens

Following up on a tip, the detectives talked to a group of teenagers.


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