Pummeled Pastor

Pastor Martinson was found bludgeoned to death at his church on Easter Sunday.

Karma Kills

Personal assistant Lee found her boss, literary agent Victor Jennings, dead in a pool of blood in his kitchen.

All Stabbed Up

A convention center employee discovered the bloody body of Elvis Presley expert Jared Plunk.

Tourist Trap

A German man was found dead on the grounds of Rowan Oak, William Faulkner's home.

Rock Out

Blake Jenson, 22, was found dead during a video game party he was hosting.

Deadly Sins

Despite signs suggesting suicide, investigators weren't convinced that Kristi Waterson died by her own hand.

Rah Rah Die

High school cheerleader Katy Brown was found murdered in the woods near a middle school.

Secret Sauce

Restaurateur Devlin Beauchamp was found bludgeoned to death in his bathtub.

Parting Shot

Veteran detective Charles Tatum was found dead in his home of an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Close to Home

Homeowners Association president Ambrose Garrett was found dead at the community center hours after the HOA meeting ended.

Pushed Too Far

Kimberly Pace, a University of Mississippi English professor, was found dead in her home by her sister and some friends who had come to pick her up for brunch.

Sum of the Parts

A maid at the Rebel Inn found a human finger under a piece of furniture. The thumb's owner was nowhere to be found at the scene.


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