Philip Fontaine was found dead in his homeOxford real estate developer Philip Fontaine was found dead in his home. His body was in a pool of blood on the kitchen floor, and there was evidence he put up a fight.

Fontaine's young wife Ashley discovered the grisly scene in their kitchen around 1:00 a.m. Both Mrs. Fontaine and her stepson Grant reportedly arrived home minutes before the 911 call was made.

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Douglas Reed, an associate professor in the English Department at the University of Mississippi was found deadDouglas Reed, an associate professor in the English Department at the University of Mississippi was found dead at a William Faulkner conference.

Assistant professor Jake Hemphill discovered the body in a meeting room at the Yoknapatawpha County Conference Center (YCCC).

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A maid at the Rebel Inn found a human fingerA maid at the Rebel Inn found a human finger under a piece of furniture.

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Pastor Wendell Martinson was found dead at the Fellowship of the Holy Spirit churchPastor Wendell Martinson was found dead at the Fellowship of the Holy Spirit church in Oxford. Associate pastor Leo Ingram discovered the body in a church classroom on Easter Sunday.

Pastor Ingram had arrived at the church that morning expecting to meet Pastor Martinson to set up for the Easter sunrise service. Instead, he found Pastor Martinson's body and called 911.

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Internet sleaze merchant, awaiting trial on extortion charges, found deadOxford resident Victor Jennings was found dead by his personal assistant who was bringing him some groceries.

Jennings was on house arrest, awaiting trial on extortion charges. It was unclear at the scene whether his death was an accident or murder.

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Elvis Presley expert stabbed to death

Elvis Presley expert Jared Plunk was stabbed to death. His bloody body was found in a hallway at the Yoknapatawpha County Conference Center.

YCCC Accommodation Manager Yvonne Boyd made the gruesome discovery just after 6:00 a.m. and called 911.

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Local newspaper head shot to deathOxford Eagle managing editor Monica Drum was found shot to death in her office at the newspaper.

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Who killed Annette Wyatt?

Oxford real estate agent Annette Wyatt was found dead on the floor of the workroom at the Harte Agency where she was employed.

Co-worker Sofia Church made the gruesome discovery.

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College student found hangedMee-Yon Kim found her best friend, Ole Miss student Courtney Morris, hanged in her apartment.

Mee-Yon had come by to check on Courtney and convinced the apartment manager to let her into the apartment when Courtney didn't respond to knocks on her door.

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HOA president found dead after meetingOxford resident Ambrose Garrett was found dead in the Whitehall Community Center, where earlier that evening, he had presided over a meeting of the Whitehall Homeowners Association.

When his wife couldn't reach him hours later, family friend Julie Arbuckle went to the community center to look for him and discovered his body.

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Local physician dies mysteriously at homeVeronica Smith's husband and 10-year-old daughter discovered Veronica's lifeless body in the master bedroom.

Her head was covered by a plastic bag and a note was found on the bedside table next to the body, leading to initial impressions of suicide.

Veronica's husband was adamant that she would never kill herself, and detectives observed some things at the scene that didn't seem quite right.

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Professor found dead at bottom of basement stairsKimberly Pace, a University of Mississippi English professor, was found murdered in her home by her sister and some friends who had come to pick her up for brunch.

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Construction workers uncover long-hidden roomDuring a renovation at the University of Mississippi, workers found a room that has been hidden for years.

There is evidence that this room holds clues concerning a decades-old murder.

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Missy Hammond murdered, 7-year-old daughter left alone with bodyJonah Dale found his daughter, Oxford hair stylist Missy Hammond, dead in her home.

It appears that Missy's 7-year-old daughter, Liddie, spent the night in her mother's bed, sleeping next to her mother's body.

Initial observations indicate Missy was strangled and had been dead for some time before her body was found.

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Trudi Rose deadTrudi Dyer Rose, 35, was found dead in the office of her dating service, Cupid's Couples.

Poisoning is suspected as the cause of death.

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Student MurderedThe body of a college student , age 26, was found in the kitchen of her Oxford, Mississippi apartment.

Condoms found at the scene were traced to her boyfriend, who was also the last person seen with her.

Blood found on the victim's cat is linked to a third person.

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Purity KnightPurity Knight, age 20, was found murdered near her home. She had been buried alive.

She was abducted weeks earlier following a stalking incident, and her abductor sent investigators several notes and photographs.

A child witness found Knight while she was still alive, and she gave him a note addressed to a YCSD detective.

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