News VideoThis clip of the missing skaters comes from an interview Cameron and Caitlin Maxwell did with the SportsTime News in Atlanta.

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  Anyanka101 — Being teased is awful and definitely could be a trigger for ......
  Bellbe sherwood — Every body gets teased about something almost...

YCSD searching for missing duoThe YCSD seeks the public's help to find Cameron and Caitlin Maxwell.

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  kickboxer — Has this case been solved my heart goes out to the family......
  slueth64 — First, I don't understand why it took their parents to repor......

Olympic hopefuls return, Oxford Eagle, 12/14/13Last month, the local newspaper covered Cameron and Caitlin Maxwell's return to Oxford after training out of town.

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  Bellbe sherwood — As they swept into the preparation for their compulsory sit ......

Maxwell memorial draws hundredsCameron and Caitlin Maxwell were laid to rest in a well-attended memorial service.


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