Daniels parents accuse SimmsThe Crime Beat column reports: Bart and Bonnie Daniels defend Forrest Burgess and hire PIs to investigate Reggie Simms.

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  kirsty — Melanie may have found Simms, that was most probably who Lau......
  lgillette — Don't forget Laurie's trip to Pittsburgh in 2010.......

Ex-fiance arrested but not for murderThe Crime Beat column reports on the arrest of Forrest Burgess on charges related to Laurie Daniels but not her murder.

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  kirsty — I don't think Forrest murdered Laurie, he seems to be to out......

Victim's parents refuse to cooperate in murder investigationThe Crime Beat column reports: Bart and Bonnie Daniels withdraw their cooperation.

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  lgillette — Getting a good look at the 'caring parents'. Have any of you......

Laurie Daniels laid to rest

The Crime Beat column reports on Laurie Daniels' funeral service and burial.

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  lgillette — Forrest sounds awfully eloquent for a drug abusing, unemploy......

More human body parts found in neighboring counties.

The Crime Beat column reports: More human body parts have been found in neighboring counties.

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  lgillette — Thanks cfp. I was getting sidetracked from "the parties". It......
  cfp — In my opinion there is only one body, and this Laurie Daniel......

Severed head found in Taylor, MSThe Crime Beat column reports: Local children and YCSD personnel discover vandalism, dismembered head in Taylor.


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