Investigating Officer(s): Det. T. Armstrong, Det. S. Murphy
Incident No.: 001316-26D-2014
Case Description: Laurie Daniels homicide investigation

Bobby Wannamaker provided this information about the outgoing long distance calls from his home at Coles Point during the time Forrest Burgess was in residence there.

  • 504-946-XXXX has been identified as a prepaid cell phone in the New Orleans, LA area.
  • 615-242-XXXX has been identified as Mr. Wannamaker's office in Nashville, TN.
  • 901-525-XXXX has been identified as a music studio in Memphis, TN.

Acct. Number: 662 561-XXXX 211 0023

In/Out Date Time Duration Phone Number
OUT  3/23/14 20:51  9 minutes  504-946-XXXX
OUT 3/27/14 16:06 4 minutes 504-946-XXXX
OUT  3/29/14 22:21 28 minutes 504-946-XXXX
OUT  3/31/14 17:19 18 minutes 615-242-XXXX
OUT  4/1/14 10:08 7 minutes 615-242-XXXX
OUT 4/1/14 10:32 5 minutes 901-525-XXXX

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