Oxford socialite found deadThe Crime Beat column reports: An Oxford socialite was found dead in her home. Foul play is suspected.

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  cfp — It doesn't seem random to me because of what Russell did say......
  TiaTaylor2015 — If there was forced entry, this would indacate that the vict......

Oxford Weekly Planet's View from Behind the Chair gossip column post

Does the Face in the Mirror have inside scoop on Kelly Moran's murder?

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  othmane.boury — I guess , detectives should visit Lorraine Estrada , she may......
  DetEmilyKaiCSI — Very interesting, indeed. This is really very early in the i......

Oxford Weekly Planet's View from Behind the Chair gossip column post

Have we already met the person talking to The Face in the Mirror about the Kelly Moran investigation?

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  Shuli P Ackmun — HaHa *Giggles*...
  martinl — ...

Witness captured on videoThe Crime Beat column reports: The sheriff's department is reaching out to the public for help identifying a potential witness in the Kelly Moran case.

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  Shuli P Ackmun — here you can see A clearly long hair in different frames it ......
  autum_taylor15 — From the evidence that was given and charged against Karen W......


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