What did Andrea's best friend to her about while Andrea was away?

What did Andrea's best friend to her about while Andrea was away?


Investigating Officer(s): Det. T. Armstrong, Det. S. Murphy
Incident No.: 000052-02A-2017
Case Description: Andrea Stover death investigation

The Yoknapatawpha County Sheriff's Department collected as evidence from Andrea Stover's residence five hundred forty-eight (548) letters addressed to Andrea Stover at the Central Mississippi Correctional Facility.

Included in that number were two hundred eighty-one (281) letters from Gretchen Doyle (Evidence #s 000052-21-001 through 000052-21-281).

YCSD investigators have examined those letters and assembled the following excerpts from the Doyle letters.

These excerpts were determined to be potentially relevant to the Andrea Stover death investigation and typical of the content of all letters from Gretchen Doyle.

June 1, 2015

Letter Date: June 1, 2015
Postmark: Oxford, MS

I can't believe it. I can't believe we're going to be apart like this for an entire year. Who will sit with me drinking G & Ts at the Roadhouse? Who will tell me the latest good jokes? Who will be the antidote to my antisocial existence?

The only way to get through it is not to be apart. Meaning let's just keep talking as though we're in the same room, and maybe we won't notice it's only a piece of paper with some ink on it.

I expect to hear everything from you – everything you do and see, everyone you meet, what you're feeling. When you're blue, tell me, and I'll try to cheer you up. I'll play our lucky lottery numbers every week as always and tell you whatever amusing tales I can drum up from my beige, mousy existence.

Right now, though, I'm not blue or beige. I'm black, beyond black, in a world without color and form, because you're gone.


––End letter––

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