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What has Bill Lamar been holding back?

2nd Interview

The detectives asked Barbara's high school boyfriend to come talk to them again about new information they've uncovered and anything else he left out in their first conversation.

Is Denny Buchanan hiding something?

2nd Interview

The detectives talked again with Barbara's college boyfriend to follow up on some information that's come to light since their first conversation.

Ingrid Freeman says she has information that will help solve the case

2nd Interview

Ingrid Freeman reached out to the detectives and said she had important information to share about the case.

Did Wendy Kullman see something important when she (allegedly) vandalized the pageant HQ the night of the murder?

2nd Interview

The detectives questioned Wendy Kullman about whether she was involved in any of the crimes committed at the YCCC during the pageant.

Who was the shoeless woman Lucille Ruffin-Moore saw the night of the murder?

2nd Interview

The detectives asked the retired professor to clarify some of the information she'd given them previously, in light of recent developments.

Susan Dubois told the detectives about some of Barbara's relationships and secrets

2nd Interview

The detectives talked to Barbara's mother about some of her daughter's relationships and other questions that have come up in the investigation.

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  lgillette — Mary says she sent the note and I think she did. Susan gets ......
  cfp — This story of Billie Jo being another child, and not the dau......
Mary Jones talked to the detectives about some recent developments in the case

2nd Interview

The detectives asked Barbara's friend to come in again to discuss some developments in the investigation since their last conversation.

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