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Preliminary DNA analysis



Andrew Needham, FTEE
Jackson Laboratory
Jackson, MS 39205
601-987-XXXX (FAX 601-987-XXXX)

Analysis: Multiplex STR



Case Description:
 Barbara Dubois Homicide

Case #

Investigative Agency:
 Yoknapatawpha County Sheriff's Department

Investigating Officer(s):
 Det. S. Murphy, Det. T. Armstrong


Samples were analyzed using the AmpFlSTR® SGM Plus™ kit.


DNA samples from the crime scene

Click the arrows on the left and right (visible when you place your mouse over the image) to scroll through the DNA images

Item # 001347-01-S001 upper pedestal of trophy

Item # 001347-01-S002 broken figurine atop trophy

Item # 001347-01-S003 broken figurine atop trophy

Item # 001347-02-S001 left sleeve of jacket

Item # 001347-02-S002 right sleeve of jacket

Item # 001347-02-S003 front of jacket

Item # 001347-03-S001 front of sweater

Item # 001347-03-S002 front of sweater

Item # 001347-04-S001 front thigh of left pant leg

Item # 001347-04-S002 front thigh of left pant leg

Item # 001347-04-S003 front thigh of right pant leg

Item # 001347-06 sample from possible vomit pool in hallway outside YCCC Room 273

Item # 001347-07 sample from possible vomit pool in hallway outside YCCC Room 273

Item # 001347-22-S001 sample from substance visually consistent with vomit contained in bag labeled "YCCC Dry Cleaning"

Item # 001347-23-S001 heel end of right shoe

Item # 001347-23-S002 heel shaft of right shoe

Item # 001347-23-S003 sole of right shoe

Item # 001347-42 known blood sample from Barbara Dubois

Item # 001347-52-S001 right front shirttail

Item # 001347-53 sample from underneath fingernails of Barbara Dubois

Compare to persons of interest

  • Barbara Dubois

  • Norm Resol

  • Bill Lamar

barbara dubois
norm resol
bill lamar

Results Summary:

  • Items 001347-01-S001, 001347-01-S002, 001347-02-S001, 001347-02-S002, 001347-02-S003, 001347-03-S001, 001347-03-S002, 001347-04-S001, 001347-04-S002, 001347-04-S003, 001347-06, 001347-07, 001347-23-S001, 001347-23-S002 and 001347-23-S003 match the DNA profile of the deceased (001347-47).

  • Item 001347-01-S003 belongs to unidentified female #1.

  • Item 001347-22-S001 belongs to unidentified female #2.

  • Item 001347-49 belongs to unidentified female #3.

  • Item 001347-52-S001 matches the DNA profile of Norm Resol (001347-54).

For more information about the evidence and where it was collected, refer to:

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Crime Scene
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Phoenix, AZ 85016

Voice (623) 565-8573
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