Updated Martinson crime scene fingerprint analysis

The lab compared fingerprints found on evidence collected from the Wendell Martinson crime scene with newly obtained exemplars.

Updated analysis of suspected footwear impression on the victim's clothes

The lab compared marks on the victim's clothing with newly obtained exemplars.

Updated analysis of trace evidence from the scene

The lab compared trace evidence collected from the Martinson crime scene with newly obtained evidence and analyzed substances found on newly obtained evidence.

Arrest ReportA suspect has been arrested in the Pastor Wendell Martinson homicide investigation.

The detectives interview the suspect arrested in the Martinson murder

After taking a suspect into custody, the detectives interviewed that suspect about the murder of Pastor Wendell Martinson.

Arrest in  the CaseThe Oxford Eagle reports on the arrest of a suspect in the murder of Pastor Wendell Martinson, who was found dead at his church on Easter Sunday.

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