After talking to the animal control officer, the Kudzu Kids split up to talk to nearby veterinarians about what they might have heard about an increase in the number of missing dogs.

Dr. Benjamin

Mina Benjamin, DVM, PhD
Oxford Veterinarian Services

Dr. Benjamin said that she wasn't aware that any of her patients might be missing, but she wouldn't unless they canceled their appointments.

She did say that these things seem to happen in cycles and that we shouldn't be overly concerned.

"Next month, not a single dog might get out."

Dr. Johnson

Fred Johnson, DVM, MPH
Johnson Veterinary

Dr. Johnson said that one of his employees, Joey Sims, coordinates missing pet notifications. "Unfortunately, he's not here this afternoon."

Dr. Johnson added that summer is always a difficult time to keep pets inside because of the warmer weather, but wasn't sure how this summer compared to last.

"Joey might know, but I'm not sure what kind of historical records he keeps."

Dr. Wilcox

Steve Wilcox, DVM
Paws and Feathers

Dr. Wilcox mumbled something about the animal control officer.

When we took turns trying to get more out of him, he just kept saying she knew a lot more about what was going on than he did.