Meet the Kudzu Kids.


Name:  Rachel McGowan Rachel McGowan, Kudzu Kid
Age:  14
School year:  8th grade
Parents:  Thomas McGowan, professor of anthropology at Ole Miss
Kelly Clements McGowan, attorney
Pets:  Taylor, yellow lab
Miss Kitty, cat
& Interests: 
Figuring out why people do the things they do
Motto:  "A sheltered life can be a daring life as well. For all serious daring starts from within." — Eudora Welty


Name:  Zach Burgess Zach Burgess, Kudzu Kid
Age:  12
School year:  7th grade
Parents:  Jerome Burgess, systems analyst for DataTech Computers
Anita Burgess, Registrar's Office on campus
Pets:  Lobo, German shepherd
& Interests: 
Computers, reading, sci-fi stuff, roller blades, basketball
Motto:  "Creepers gonna creep!"


Name:  Emma Wooten Emma Wooten, Kudzu Kid
Age:  13
School year:  7th grade
Parents:  Thomas Wooten, construction business owner
Caroline Wooten, pharmacist
Pets:  Darla, black cat
& Interests: 
Swim team, soccer and playing the violin
Motto:  "If something seems tough, it should only make you try harder."


Name:  Melody "Mel" Cheever Melody Cheever, Kudzu Kid
Age:  13
School year:  7th grade
Parents:  Michael and Molly Cheever, art gallery owners
Pets:  Milly, the Persian cat
& Interests: 
Theatre (I want to be an actress), ice skating, travel
Motto: "Smile and all the world smiles with you."


What the heck is kudzu?

Kudzu is a perennial vine originally introduced in the U.S. to control soil erosion. Learn more