Pastor Wendell Martinson, murder victimWendell Martinson was a pastor at the Fellowship of the Holy Spirit church for more than 20 years.

Leo Ingram, associate pastor at the Fellowship of the Holy Spirit church

As a teenager, Leo Ingram joined Pastor Martinson’s congregation. As a college-educated adult, he became the associate pastor of the same church.

Lynette Martinson was married to the victim for more than 20 years

Since Lynette and Wendell Martinson married, she has been a dedicated wife, mother and nurse, as well as an active participant in her husband’s ministry.

Fay Nutt, a preacher's kid, left the church and didn't look back until many years later

Fay Nutt, a preacher's daughter, walked away from the church as an adult. Her work as Pastor Martinson's church secretary changed her mind.

Oxford native Deirdre Littleton is recently divorcedDeirdre Littleton grew up in Oxford. She recently divorced her husband of 15 years, and now lives alone with her teenaged son.

Zina Jacinto is a longtime member of the victim's church

Zina Jacinto is an active member of the Fellowship of the Holy Spirit church. She's known as something of an eccentric with a fondness for cats.

Emmett Sanford and Deirdre Littleton divorced after the revelation of his affair

Emmett Sanford married his college girlfriend when she got pregnant. Their marriage broke up years later after Emmett admitted cheating on her.

Joey Kemp is Zina Jacinto's cousin

Joey Kemp is a member of the Fellowship of the Holy Spirit church and is Zina Jacinto's adoptive cousin.

Gideon Horner is the minister at Trinity Church in Oxford

Reverend Gideon Horner moved to his wife's hometown of Oxford nearly 20 years ago and has been a pastor at Trinity Church ever since.

Liam Sanford is a child of divorce

Liam Sanford is the only child of Emmett Sanford and Deirdre Littleton. Liam grew up in the Fellowship of the Holy Spirit church, but stopped going last year.

Dr. Osborne moved to Oxford to care for her grandfather.

Justine Osborne was born and raised in Jackson, MS, and moved to Oxford a few years ago to help care for an ailing family member.

Jason Riley is Fay Nutt's boyfriend

After a troubled early adolescence, Jason Riley was sent to Oxford to live with an aunt. He decided to stay in Oxford after high school and found work.

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