Paid Detectives get access to premium features like:

  • Advance case information - Updates every weekday.
  • Exclusive Detective content - Get bonus crime scene photos, insights from the investigating detectives, and more.
  • Ask the Detective - Want more information about the suspects or the evidence? A YCSD detective is standing by to answer your questions.

Be a Detective for 6 months


$ 7.00

 For  6 months

$7 for a 6 month non-recurring subscription.


Be a Detective for 1 Year


$ 12.00

 For  1 year

$12 for a1 year non-recurring subscription. 


30 days as a Detective -$5 value. You pay nothing.

 Buy your membership by having fun. 

$ 5.00

 For  30 days

Buy your membership by having fun. Your activity points can be used to purchase this membership.

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