[Perfect Aim] Would you know a killer if you saw one?

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Perfect Aim

Crime Scene
  www.crimescene.com | January 2021  

Hello, Officer Visitor

These teens showed the detectives the spot in the woods near Oxford where they saw someone with a connection to Frederick Miller. Shortly after they saw the person, Frederick be dead.

Is there any connection between Frederick's murder and what that person was doing in the woods?

The detectives expect to arrest someone — and make it stick — by the end of the week. Do you know whose perfect aim killed Frederick? And why?

Examine the evidence, and share your thoughts in the comments.

Tip: Want to catch up on what's happened so far in the Perfect Aim case? Check out the Case Recap.

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Mitch Freedman interview

Following up on a tip, the detectives spoke to another YHS student.

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Mitch Freedman bio

Mitch spends time with friends to escape a difficult home life.

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Keanu May interview

Following up on a tip, the detectives spoke to a YHS student.

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Keanu May bio

Rumors about his family caused Keanu to withdraw from most social interactions.

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Stephanie Bragg alibi check

YCSD investigators tried to corroborate Stephanie's alibi for the night of October 29, 2020.

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Biological sample collection

The detectives obtained warrants to collect biological samples from a person of interest.

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Rosalie Hansen bio

Rosalie has worked hard to overcome grief and challenges in her young life.

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Rosalie Hansen interview

The detectives spoke to the customer who was in the store when the body was found.

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Jimmy Carnes bio

Since high school graduation, Jimmy has been working hard to build a college fund.

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Jimmy Carnes interview

The detectives spoke to the store clerk, who called 911.

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Crime scene photos

CSU provided some preliminary photos from the crime scene.

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Incident report

The body of a 17-year-old young woman was discovered in a convenience store restroom.

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