[Shadow of the Past] Does this woman hold the key to the Izard mystery?

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Shadow of the Past

Crime Scene
  www.crimescene.com | October 2020  

Hello, Officer Visitor

Anonymous tips always have to be taken with a grain of salt. If you don't know who provided the information, you can't know why they decided to tell what they know—or claim to know.

Even so, is the unsigned letter Doris got a push in the right direction?

Does the woman named in the letter know what really happened to the Izard family?

Examine the evidence and share your thoughts in the comments.

Tip: Want to find out what's happened so far in the Shadow of the Past investigation? Check out the Case Recap.

Coming up … What will Detective Nelson find when he follows the trail of clues back to Doris's hometown in Michigan?

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Anonymous note

In 1998, someone left an anonymous note for Doris Hammack at her hotel in Oxford.

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Frank Abbott interview (1998)

In 1998, Detective Nelson talked to another man who was laid off from Bowlan Glove.

Read More

Elbert Warren interview (1998)

In 1998, Detective Nelson talked to Elbert Warren, Det. McPhail's prime suspect in 1958.

Read More

Nina L. Bardwell interview

In 1998, Detective Nelson talked to Doris Hammack's former Social Services caseworker.

Read More

Huey James interview

In 1998, Detective Nelson tracked down one of Doris Hammack's former foster parents.

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M/M Elbert Warren Jr. interview

In 1998, Detective Nelson spoke with Elbert Warren's son and daughter-in-law.

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Discovery of remains

The local newspaper reported on a search conducted using clues from Doris Hammack's hypnosis sessions.

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Beatrice Carmichael papers

An attorney found some potentially significant documents among the late Beatrice Carmichael's papers.

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Doris Hammack hypnotherapy

Doris underwent controversial memory recovery hypnotherapy in an attempt to recall events from her childhood.

Read More

Carmichael Obituary

Beatrice Carmichael passed away a few days after she spoke with Doris Hammack.

Read More

Peterson Investigations report (1959)

In 1998, Howard Hammack's former employer sent some potentially relevant private investigation reports to Detective Nelson.

Read More

Phillips Aviation employee info

In 1998, Detective Nelson requested Howard Hammack's personnel record from Hammack's employer in 1958 and after.

Read More
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