Kudzu Kids reported missingFrom the Oxford Weekly Planet Crime Beat… the Kudzu Kids are missing.

Oxonian Mildred Shegog wins Ms. Senior MississippiFrom the Oxford Weekly Planet archives… Oxonian Mildred Shegog wins Ms. Senior Mississippi.

  1.   1 Comment
  lgillette — Archeology! Heart-shaped ruby necklace!......

Kids find bone at construction siteCrime Beat reports… local children find human bone at construction site.

  1.   3 Comment
  DetectiveDennis — Check the historical background of the Grove. Maybe there's ......
  hmusic43 — That bone isn't that old it looks like it came from a recent......

Ole Miss professor's conference proposal rejected againFrom the Oxford Weekly Planet archives… Ole Miss history professor's "imaginative history" conference proposal denied for the third time.

  1.   3 Comment
  det-jp — It would be interesting to know how long Lowry's obsession w......
  lgillette — While Lowry seems to be a little obsessed/unhinged about hi......

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