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Hello to all I was wondering if this was really real it seems it but I'm not sure or is it just a... Show more

Wendigo It's not real. 3 days ago
daroo196 added a new comment in Andrea Stover bio 2 months ago

Are newly released prisoners allowed to own mobile phones?

daroo196 added a new comment in Crime scene inventory 2 months ago

Phone records might be able to trace any calls as to who Andrea may have met. This might explain why there was no mobile phone found in her bag, car or anywhere at the crime scene. Did the killer take it, or was it not important enough to be taken in as evidence ???? Hard to believe Andrea wouldn't own one. How did she call her best friend around 10pm Sunday night after play rehearsal ????

Scarlett added a new comment in Victim's residence inventory 2 months ago

I'd like to learn more about those people, too.

AvaAva added a new comment in Crime scene inventory 2 months ago

Condom is one used in monogamous relationships generally as is non latex and only used as pregnancy protection. (no protection from STDS). To a lesser extent it might be used by persons with latex allergies in non-monogamous relationships. It could be assumed that she probably had a regular sexual partner that she used these with. Also a bit strange that it was in her coat rather than her bag.

Kbroadus added a new comment in News report 3 months ago

Sounds like not many folks cared for her "porn flicks" as she was coming out of prison and a registered CM.

Kbroadus added a new comment in Incident report 3 months ago

The fingernails may show evidence. Which hand or both may show where attacker was or direction coming from. Purse was probably on arm. Any other marks on body seems like she put up a fight.

daroo196 added a new comment in Crime scene inventory 3 months ago

There is no comment in evidence inventory if the button came from the jacket or not. Strange both are there together would be easy to check? Maybe the button is from another piece of clothing, perhaps the killers? And jacket was size small, is this a fit for the victim?

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