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Solving murders in Yoknapatawpha County, Mississippi since 1995. Examine the evidence and help us catch the killer.

Has the long lost daughter of murdered parents been found?

Examine the relevant case files

Is this woman LeAnne Izard, missing since 1958?

Is Michigan woman long-missing child?

Investigation Day 1 — The Oxford Eagle covered Doris Hammack's quest to find out if her true identity originated in Yoknapatawpha County.

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What did investigators see at the 1958 scene?

Examine the relevant case files

In 1958, Richard and Lisa Izard were found murdered outside their home

1958 incident report

Investigation Day 1 — In 1958, the YCSD lead investigator wrote a report of the bloody scene at the Izard residence where two adults were found murdered and two children were missing.

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Who were the Izards?

Examine the relevant case files

Did something in Richard Izard's background lead to his murder?

Richard Izard biography

Did something in Lisa Izard's past lead to her murder?

Lisa Izard biography

Were the Izard children kidnapped? Or worse?

Ricky & LeAnne Izard biography

Investigation Day 1 — Young parents Richard and Lisa Izard were cut down in the prime of their lives. Their two small children were never found.

Did something about one or more of the people in this family lead to the parents' murders and kids' disappearances?

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What can we learn from the man who reported finding the bodies?

Tommy Joe Hinkley

Thomas Joe Hinkley interview

Thomas Joe Hinkley biography
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Investigation Day 1 — Who is this man who reported finding Richard and Lisa Izard's bodies? And what did he see that day?

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Does the Izards' next door neighbor have any helpful info?

Lydia Catlett

Lydia Catlett interview

Investigation Day 1 — Lydia Catlett lives next door to the Izards and doesn't get out much.

Did she see or hear anything the day the Izard parents were murdered and the children disappeared?

Did she witness anything unusual in the neighborhood before that day?

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