neighbormap-400YCSD personnel conducted a canvass of Kimberly Pace's neighbors to determine whether anyone had seen or hear anything that might be related to her murder.

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  MissSnoop — Just re-read Linda Alden's statement which was made on Sunda......
  sarahsaturday — Maybe a student who was under the impression that Kimberly w......

bio-beckypace-400Becky Pace, the victim's sister, was interviewed at the scene shortly after the detectives made their preliminary inspection of the body and its location.

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  msdetective — Why did she not notice the phone in the kitchen, something d......

bio-cherylwestonCheryl Weston, the victim's friend, was interviewed at the scene after the detectives made their preliminary inspection of the body and its location.

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  MindHunter318 — Cheryl said she arrived at Dr. Pace's residnece around 11pm,......

bio-jeremygladwell-400Jeremy Gladwell, the victim's friend, was interviewed at the scene after the detectives made their preliminary inspection of the body and its location.

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  coralieblues — Kimberley's first dog was killed one year ago. Weird....
  csicid50 — Also the guy on the motorcycle????? Maybe the neighbors sho......


Arthur Beck lived next door to Kimberly Pace. The two neighbors reportedly often argued about Kimberly's dog and other issues.

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  kirsty — Fine he's creepy and may have killed kimberly's dog, how did......
  krinderhagen — I can see a lot of contridiction between this interview and ......

bio-patrickrichards-200Patrick Richards was credited as the author of the Daily Mississippian column alleging teachers could be bribed to get better grades.

anon-400Investigators identified Jacob Hunter as the boy that several witnesses saw riding his bike in the neighborhood on the morning Kimberly Pace's body was found.

video-paulevans-400Paul Evans was Kimberly Pace's longtime boyfriend, though they had a tumultuous relationship. At the time of her death, they were estranged.

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  MindHunter318 — Paul is known as being a jealous guy, I'm sure he wasnt very......
  msdetective — hes lying look at this video the eyes are the windows to th......

video-lawrence-bricker-400Laurence Bricker was Kimberly Pace's colleague in the English Department. It is well-known that he and the victim did not get along.

video-carter-nichols-400Carter Nichols was one of Kimberly Pace's students. Some people believe Nichols was behind the letter to the DM editor allegedly written by Patrick Richards.

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  coralieblues — I think that he is the killer. My theory: He falls in love ......
  kirsty — Carter is very cocky, it's almost as if he's playing with th......

bio-miguelochoa300Miguel Ochoa says he always let Paul Evans stay with him whenever Evans and his girlfriend Kimberly Pace "took a break" from their relationship.

evidence-students400YCSD investigators canvassed University of Mississippi students to find out more about Kimberly Pace's relationships with students.

Tammy FreemanTammy Freeman is Miguel Ochoa's girlfriend and was acquainted with Kimberly Pace and her boyfriend Paul Evans.

Margaret BrickerMargaret Bricker is married to Kimberly Pace's colleague Laurence Bricker, who was known to have a less-than-friendly relationship with the victim.

David Schumann, DVMVeterinarian David Schumann examined Kimberly Pace's dog Thoreau after her body was found. He was also the victim's regular vet and treated both of her dogs.

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  msdetective — becky poisoned the dog, and i would be willing to bet that d......

evidence-faculty400YCSD investigators canvassed University of Mississippi faculty to find out more about Kimberly Pace's relationships with students and colleagues.

interview-codymattews400Cody Matthews was one of Kimberly Pace's students. Some witnesses allege that Matthews was stalking the victim.

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  krinderhagen — What is the lily hood that Dr. Pace had wanted a consultatio......

bio-drpersonElizabeth Gregory was Kimberly Pace's physician. Dr. Gregory saw the victim just a few days before her death.

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  kirsty — Could be motive for premeditated murder.......but she wasn't......

bio-lillawson300Lila Lawson owns and operates the C'est Belle Gallery where Paul Evans opened his show the same night Kimberly Pace was killed.

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  msdetective — i really dont think she was there, i think it was someone po......

bio-angelawilderAngela Wilder is an arts patron and has supported and promoted Paul Evans as an artist for the last several years.

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  msdetective — she didnt say too much either about ms. kim pace i think its......

Carter NicholsCarter Nichols was one of Kimberly Pace's students. Witnesses report that Nichols had a loud, public argument with the victim a few days before her murder.

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  MindHunter318 — However, the fact that this kid Carter wealthy and didn’t ......
  MindHunter318 — This Carter kid is just a punk if you ask me. Yea he lied ab......

video-codymatthews-2-400Cody Matthews was one of Kimberly Pace's students. Detectives re-interviewed him to get more details about his alibi and to follow up on other questions.

Kelsey Newman, dog sitter

Kimberly Pace asked Kelsey Newman to look after her dog Emerson while she was out of town in September 2010. The dog died while in Ms. Newman's care.

video-jeremygladwell-400Jeremy Gladwell lived across the street from Kimberly Pace and was one of the people who found her body. Gladwell says he and the victim were good friends.

interview-eric-brandonEric Brandon was dog sitter Kelsey Newman's boyfriend at the time she was supposed to be caring for Kimberly Pace's dog, Emerson, in 2010.

video-beckypace-400Witness Interview: Rebecca "Becky" Pace, the victim's sister

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  msdetective — put it in the trashcan the day before, thought you were at w......


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